How can you marry an American?

This might not be soo hard! I don't know what country you are living in or what the requirements are in order for you to marry an American. All I can say is that if the two of you love one another and are ready for this then there is a process you both need to go through in order to make this happen! It might be somewhat time consuming and frustrating but its worth it in the end!

Personal Experiences:

I can only tell you from my experience what you can consider doing. My sister fell in love with someone from another country. She contacted the US Embassy of our country and found out what documents she needed (as a US Citizen) in order for her to marry this guy and bring him to the US. She gathered all her information here and headed out to Europe. They had a lot of leg work to do in his country as well, but once they got all the documents together - they made an appointment with the US Embassy in his country and they granted him a visa to come to the United States with her. Six years later, we are proud to say he is a United States Citizen!

Again, find out what the US Embassy requires.

I am a us citizen, and I simply went to the courthouse with my illegal immigrant fiance and gave them our birth certificates and $107, and filled out the paperwork and we were married, but my cousin tried in the next county over and was denied, so just call first.

i am a Canadian girl married to an American man. We were married in Georgia last fall and it is legal. I am now back in Canada and we are invesitgating the immigration process..... you can get married regardless of where you are from... you just might not be allowed to live in the same place for a while. the government can't force you to divorce and in most cases, eventually, you would be able to come back to the united states. My situation is complicated because i have a son whose father is Canadian and here in Canada. I could be with my husband (without my son - i need his father's consent to take him to the usa) at any time... i just couldn't work in the USA. as a Canadian.. i can visit for up to 181 days without losing my candian medical plan at home. If you get married, however, without the proper permission, they won't just LET you stay and work in the USA, they will probably send you home when you apply for a visa.