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How can you marry the illegal immigrant who is the father of your baby?

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Well if he is illegal you cant marry him because you have to sign papers but I dont know about that in Las Vegas! you can try if you feel that you truly love him SoInLoVe States establish marriage laws, the federal government establishes and enforces Immigration laws. That being the case, in most US states it is still possible for an illegal immigrant who can present the required documentation to marry a US citizen. Contact the local branch of the state office that issues marriage licenses in the state in which you live for specific information.

2007-01-19 02:36:12
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Can you have a baby with an illegal immigrant?

Yes you can.

If you marry an illegal person and you have a baby how does he become legal?

If the baby was born in the United States of America or even at a U.S. Embassy anywhere in the world, the baby is automatically deemed an American citizen despite the parent being an illegal immigrant.

What happens if an illegal immigrant on a visa lived in your house and had a baby?

Well the baby is a U.S. Citizen and since the baby is a U.S. Citizen, in time the "illegal immigrant" may be able to get a green card and first of all an illegal immigrant isn't illegal if they have a visa, except if they were living and working in the U.S on a tourist visa,

What happens to an illegal immigrant who has an American baby?

you get cachado

Can an illegal immigrant be deported for committing a misdemeanor crime if she has a child born in the us and the father of the baby is a us citizen?

well the question of the daay would be are they married????

Is a baby brought in the us considered an illegal immigrant?

Yes he has to be born in us

Does an illegal immigrant become a legal resident by having a baby with an American citizen?


If a Mexican or any other illegal immigrant comes into the country and has a baby does the parent receive citizenship?

No, only when the child is an adult (18) can they request a green card for the parents. They will be illegal until then, unless they marry a citizen or get an employer to sponsor them.

If an illegal immigrant couple has a baby in the US does this make them both legal?

No.... it doesn't. In Spain it does.

Can an illegal immigrant get papers faster if he has a baby with a US citizen?

No, having a baby will not make the process any faster or easier.

If a Mexican or any other illegal immigrant comes into the country and has a baby does where does the baby have citizenship?

He is Mexican and American (has dual citizenship).

If a female illegal immigrant becomes pregnant by us male citizen and baby is born in Mexico is the baby a us citizen?


What happens to a married illegal immigrant who has baby with a man other than her husband in the US?

She becomes the proud parent of an illegitimate baby.

When an illegal immigrant has a baby in the US do they become legal?

Yes they do and they can be president since of they are natural born citizen

If an illegal alien had a baby with a US citizen and did not marry the same citizen what rights does that illegal immigrant have?

Well its called common marriage he would have to pay child support, illegal immigrants have many rights since her child is a u.s. citizen the government will help her raise the baby. You just have to find more info about it get educated about the subject so you don't become a fool of anyone.

If a US citizen has a baby by an illegal immigrant will this make him legal?

If born in the United States the baby will be a legal citizen, the immigrants status will not change.

Is it illegal in Pennsylvania to have a baby at 15?

It is not illegal to have a baby at fifteen in Pennsylvania. It is however illegal to engage in the sexual contact necessary to produce a baby while the mother or father are below the age of eighteen.

What was the name of the baby destined to murder his father and marry his mother?


Can someone who is an illegal immigrant and has a baby with someone from the USA get child custody?

I think that an immigrant has the right to get custody of his or her child just like an American citizen.As long as they are fit and respondsible parents.

Can a non national mother get a UK passport for her UK born baby?

it depends if you have a UK passport, if your an illegal immigrant you might get arrested. If you're not an immigrant and you have a british passport then yes, yes you can

How is a birth certificate signed when the baby's mother is a 17-year-old and the father is an illegal immigrant?

You both will just sign the certificate as usual. Be sure answer all questions truthfully as this is a permanent record for your baby.

If Father and Mother are not married when a baby is born but his name is on the birth certificate and later the parents marry does the father have to adopt the child to make the baby legally his?


What would happen if an illegal immigrant has a baby in the UK?

d baby is a citizen of UK no dout about dat (won ri unkan se si ye)nothing to do about dat men

If an illegal alien father has a baby with a US citizen mother will the father automatically become a US citizen after the baby is born?

No, he has to take a test and qualify to become an American citizen.

If an American man has a baby with an illegal immigrant woman does the mother get residency or citizenship?

No,she would get neither one. The child would be the one to reap the benefits and be a American Citizen.