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How much skill points can have a second job quest skill in flyff?

Vagrant skills take 1 skill point per level with a max level of 20 1st job take 2 skill points per level with a max level of 20 2nd job take 3 points per level with a max level of 10

What are the four skills you have to max out on the Sims 3 iPhone?

Cooking, Fishing, Mechanical and Gardening Skill

Is there a way to max out the skill points on The Sims 2?

OK. First, you type in "boolprop-testingcheatsenabled-true" In the neighbourhood view, removing all quotes and - s. Then, after that, you go into your sims house. Click and drag the skill points up. You can also do this with personality and relationships. Make sure you save after you have done this, as boolprop may crash your sims if constantly used, Twilight maniac. Ps, if you want to repay me, be anti animal fights and animal eat/kill live animal on you tube.FIGHT AGAINST RETARDS, WHO ARE EVIL!

How do you use aspiration points on sims 2 pets ps2 i have looked everywhere and in sims 2 ps2you can use them 2 buy stuff but what about in sims 2 PETS ps2?

make 125000 pet points then you can max all the points but dont forgot to upgrade all the shops in the town square first ... and thanks have a nice game

Is there a cheat to max all skills on the sims 3?

As far as I am concern, there is no cheats helping to maximize the skill of a Sim. However, in (MTS), a creator has released a CC which will help improve the speed in which a Sim learns a skill.

Is there a max all motives cheat for sims 2 pets on wii And if so what is it?

There is no cheat for 'max all motives' on sims 2 pets for wii

Can a 6'3 my player in NBA2k11 dunk?

Probably. Max out the dunk skill points and see what happens. Mine is 6' and all I do is shoot 3's

Max all motives on the sims 3?

Finish them all

How do you get skill points on The Sims 2?

Without Cheat: Your sims can get skill points for cooking, mechanical, and cleaning, you study at the bookcase. For body, work out, for charisma, say practice romance or speech in a mirror... If you roll the mouse over the particular skill, it tells you what to do.With Cheat:Enter the cheat: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true(to open the cheat code box hold down: shift, ctrl, and C)- Then, hold down shift and click on one of your sims.- Click on Spawn, after clicking on Spawn click on Sim Modder- A baby will appear next to your sim (It's a fake baby, and once you are done using you are able to delete it)- click on the baby, and go to skills- Choose your selection of what sims are going to get skills, if you want to make your sim/sims have all their skills then click on MAX ALLThis is a lot faster than it seems! You can also make your sims have full personality! There is more things you can do with this cheat.

What is the cheat to max all the Sims' motives on The Sims 2 Pets?

First, press CTRL+SHIFT+C to bring up the cheat window. Then type in maxMotives and hit enter. This will give all your Sims on any lot that you are currently playing in maximum Motive points.

Why won't my skill points go up after i get the right box at school on my tamagotchi?

well...maybe your points are too high and at max already..... not all of your points will go up just on category depending wat teacher you got. --MewMew

What skills you raise in maple story mechanic?

You do not need to worry about what skills to level up for your first job advancement, or your Resistance Skills, because you will get enough Skill Points to completely max out each skill. On your second job advancement, it's best to max out everything but the Rocket Boosters. Leave it with 13 Skill Points. On your third advancement, max out everything but the Punch Launcher. Leave it at 18 Skill Points. Once you've made your fourth job advancement, you're officially a pro, so there's not much planning on your skills you need to do. However, if you want to get the best out of your skills, I'd suggest maxing out your Missile Tank, your Laser, and your giant robot skill. (I don't know the real names of the skills, but the giant robot is the skill that attacks all monsters on the screen with massive damage.) After that, max out your Extreme Mech or your Hero's Will. Then distribute your skill points evenly among all the other skills. IMPORTANT: it's best at the beginning of your job advancement, among the first 5 levels or so, to put at least one skill point in each skill so you have each and every skill of your advancement.

Is there a max all motives cheat for the sims on PC?


NBA2K11 - why can't I max out steal in the skill points section in the my player mode... I can only get it to 95 and then it turns red?

When it goes red it means that skill can't go any higher, it's already at its max.

Is there a max motives cheat for the sims 1?

There isn't a max motives cheat for Sims 1, you just have to work hard on keeping all of their needs up.

What is the cheat to max all the Sims' motives on The original Sims for ps2?

look online at

How do you max out all your motives on sims deluxe without deleting them?

You can't max their motives wothout deleting them.

What is the European Dragon Quest Monsters Joker action replay game ID?

max skill points1208f8fa 000003e7

Sonic Battle codebreaker code for Max skill points?

73802A713B39 If You See The number at the top it Doesn't Work. There is no Code for that.

What riding discipline is the most popular in the US on howrse?

All of the disciplines are popular, since to reach 100 BLUP, horses must max out the skill points in their top 3 disciplines.

Ratchet gladiator exteminator cards how to get?

You have to achieve certain tasks. One is to get 100000 DreadPoints. Another is to get either all the skill points or a certain number of them. I don't know how you get the rest.Vox - Get all Skill pointsVox's Pet - Complete all missions on highest difficultyAce Harlight - Earn 400,000 Dread pointsEviscerator - 100 Max NanotechReactor - Buy Mega version of all weaponsShellshock - Buy all weapons and Omega mods

Is there any action replay codes for the English version of dragon quest 9?

Yes there is main hero max skill points, instant lvl 100, max gold and more

How can you max out skill points in sims life stories on PC?

Hold down the Shift, ctrl, and C. And then a white box should appear at the top of the screen. Type in- BoolProp TetsingCheatsEnabled True/False. Then click on the sim and then go to the skills for them and hold down shift and then drag each skill to where you want it to go. If it does not work with dragging then double click where you want the skill to be. I hope i helped... =P Good Luck

What is the sims 1 cheat for max all motives ps2?

there isn't one

How do you get fast promotions on sims 2 PC?

its really easy. always make your sim shower before work so they do not stink, maxmotives a lot so their needs are up, then go to their skills panel and look for certain levels of skills that are highlighted, that means you must get your skill up to that. WARNING, DO NOT USE CHEATS TO MAX YOUR SKILL POINTS, THIS WILL NEVER GET YHOU PROMOTIONS. you have to earn your skill points on your own by reading certain books, looking through telescopes, or talking to yourself in the mirror. hope it helped!