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The relative humidity (RH) in a kitchen can be measured by using a humidity gauge. A maximum indoor relative humidity of 55% RH may be acceptable, but a 50% RH better is better.


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Hygrometers are used to measure humidity

Humidity meters are used to measure the humidity outside. Typically, these would be placed on the outside of your house to accurately measure the humidity.

Manufactured kitchen cabinets are created with materials that will withstand a certain degree of humidity within a kitchen. While Michigan does experience some days of high humidity, kitchen cabinets are generally not exposed to outdoor condition. Most homes have controls to regulate the amount of humidity inside. If you are concerned about humidity inside your home, discuss that with the cabinetry contractor or representative.

With a Humidity measuring device

To measure humidity you need a hygrometer. It is a tool that measures the amount of moisture in the air.

Yes Boiling water will raise the humidity in your home.

Yes....... Hair can be used to measure humidity......... This is because hair is fragile and can curl or become dry when to much humidity is around.

A psychrometer or a hygrometer are weather instruments used to measure relative humidity.

A device used to measure humidity is called a psychrometer or hygrometer.

Humidity refers to the degree of wetness of the atmosphere. By using a humidity gauge or sling psychometer, humidity in the backyard can be measured.

There is no such thing as a sygrometer, but a hygrometer is a device that is used to measure the humidity of the air. It can indicate relative humidity or absolute humidity.

It measures the humidity / moisture in the air. Hygrometer is used to measure relative humidity.

No, it is a measure of its moisture content.

A small inexpensive instrument for measuring humidity is called a Hygrometer (sometimes they are also called relative humidity indicator or humidity sensor). These instruments measure humidity.

it is used to measure humidity

you cant really measure those but you can measure blizzards rain hail humidity high and low tides moisture humidity all kinds of things

Humidity is a measure of the water vapour (water as a gas) in the air

Humidity is a measure of water in the air. Humidity is always in the air dry or wet.

You measure humidity by using a hygrometer. A hygrometer consists of 2 thermometers and bulbs.

A device used to measure humidity is called a psychrometer or hygrometer.

It is measured in terms of percentage of humidity. A device to measure humidity is called hygrometer. The relative humidity of air can be measured by dry and wet bulb method.

Relative humidity and is expressed as a percentage. Absolute humidity is expressed as a concentration - mg/L. Specific humidity is a ratio of masses - water to air in a finite volume.

2 instruments are required to accomplish these measurements:a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure.a hygrometer to measure humidity.

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