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You could collect it in a container and cool it down and measure the quantity of water. Or you could hold a thermometer so that its bulb is in the steam to measure its temperature.

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Steam Rate calculation Formula for Steam Turbine

A throttling calorimeter is used to measure the quality of?


Why did steam rise off the titanics funnels?

Because the titanics boilers did not measure how much steam was boiling if there was to much steam it would go out the funnels that were 63 feet high.

What is kenotometer?

A kenotometer is an instrument used in steam turbine condensers to measure the vacuum in the steam space of the condenser. The vacuum achieved by the condenser has significant influence on the efficiency of the steam turbine.

How do you calibrate boiler capacity?

Use a good steam flow meter to know the actual steam flow per hour and use a good pressure indicator to measure the steam pressure. Normally these instruments that are used to measure and calibrate the process parameters are, higher accuracy and pre calibrated with certification, and accredited to authorized national laboratory.

How do you calculate steam consumption rate?

There are several ways to calculate the .steam consumption rate. First would be to use a heat transfer equation. Another way would be to measure steam directly using flow metering equipment.

Why do the particles in ocean water have less kinetic energy then the particles in steam?

Heat is a measure of molecular speed.

Which are the units used to measure power?

WATT named after James Watt who worked on steam engines and improving their efficiency.

What is steam accumulator?

A steam accumulator on some once through boilers, with no steam/water drum, is a device similar to a steam separator, which separates the steam and water before the steam is fed to the steam header.

What creates steam?

Steam boilers create steam.

Fact about British Thermal Unit?

The British Thermal Unit, or BTU, is used as a measure of power for heating and air conditioning industries. BTU is also used to measure steam power and agricultural energy production.

What Steam is to what?


Why did Richard trevithick invented the steam ingine?

Steam Iocomomtive Steam Iocomomtive Steam Iocomomtive

Does a steam engine produce steam?

No. It utilizes steam to make it function. The boiler produces the steam.

How many kinds of steam?

There are three kinds of steam 1) saturated steam, 2)super saturated steam 3) wet steam.

What is faster a steam ship or a steam locomotive?

steam locomotive

What is meant by moisture in steam?

whenever there is presence of moisture(water content) in steam due to which one cannot refer that steam as dry steam...then this type of steam are termed as wet steam!!

Are steam trains using steam engines?

They are called steam trains because they are pulled by steam engines.

Why is excessive moisture in steam undesirable in steam turbines?

moisture present in steam due to quality of steam.

What difference between steam turbine and steam engine?

The steam turbine blades to turn creates steam.The steam engine, steam piston Myllng after the turn brings.+++They are both steam-engines. The turbine is purely rotative; the reciprocating steam-engine uses cylinders and pistons.

What is the plural form of steam iron?

The plural form of the compound noun 'steam iron' is steam irons.

What is the difference between dry steam and wet steam to clean?

DRY steam is superheated There is a temperature below which steam will start to condense into water droplets. This is called the saturation temperature, and it varies with the pressure of the steam. Steam that is exactly at its saturation temperature is called saturated steam. Steam that is below its saturation temperature contains droplets of moisture and is called wet steam. Steam that is above its saturation temperature is called superheated steam.

What is the steam economy?

se=steam evaporated/steam flow at start

What is a sentence for steam?

Steam is very hot. The bathroom is full of steam.

What is the solvent and solutes in steam?

Steam is not a solution; steam is water vapor.