How can you measure your IQ accurately?

The problem with standard IQ tests is that they only measure one part of the intelligence of the human. There are at least seven different areas of the IQ, but most tests measure the comprehension/visual part of this complex area. If you want to take a test, be honest with yourself. Time the test accurately and accept the results honestly. There will be areas that do not "gell" with your own intellectual concepts. Mathematical concepts that you do not understand will lower your score of course, so get one appropriate to your age group. Don't stress about the numbers! Everyone is different, and one test might be slanted toward the mathemetician, another toward the linguist. Take two or more and get an average to get an "accurate" result. But, being honest about it, an IQ score isn't as important as what you do with your intelligence! Being a "genius" means squat if you do not use it in your own interests.