How can you monetize a personal blog?

It is very popular - and very easy - to add advertisements to your blog's template, so that when visitors click on them you make a cut of money from the ad service. Google Adwords is an example of such a service.

Some bloggers sell links directly, without an ad service.

Another way is to offer to write blog posts about products, mixed with your regular blog posts. If the ads are relevant to the rest of your content then visitors might not be against such practice.

Bloggers often choose to host advertisements on their blog. When users click the ads, or even just when the ad is shown, the blogger makes money. Some bloggers ask for donations on their site, too.

Adsense is Google advertisement program; this give chance to earn money using a blog. When visitors click any advertisements, the blogger makes money.

Such blog platforms such as Blogger (Google's company), Livejournal, and others allow their users to add ads onto their blog for making money.

Upload your Videos on youtube, then embed them into your blog.

Youtube will implement advertising into the Video and give you a percentage of the revenue.

-You need to use a blogging service that supports putting your own ads. lets you add ads to your free blog.

List your ad space for sale at an ad space auction website to get extra exposure from potential advertisers.

Another popular way to monetize a blog is with In Text ads. In text ads appear in the content of your blog as double underlined hyperlinks. When a visitor moves their mouse over one of these links an ad bubble appears, if the visitor is interested they click on the ad, if not the ad simply disappears. As a publisher, you get paid when a visitor clicks on the ad. There are a few companies that offer In Text ads, Infolinks is one of them.