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Call your dad and tell him that you really want to be with him, tell him why then talk to your mom. Tell her that you love her and you will either just be visiting him or no matter what if you do move in with your dad, tell your mother that you will visit her. You didn't give a reason for wanting to move in with your father. If you mother is setting down rules you don't care for (that's love on your mother's part) or, perhaps she's never home and you're lonely. Whatever it is, take this slow and easy. If your father wanted you to live with him I would think you would be or at least have visited him. He now has a new wife and step-son and moving in with them may set their lives upside down as well. The best thing to do is sit down with your mom and ask if you can call your father and discuss it with him and at least go for a visit to see if you would really like living with his wife and step-son. Sometimes things aren't what they seem. Remember, no matter how tough things are your mother sounds like she really loves you. You owe it to her to sit down and talk things over. You can be a boy or a man about this! Your choice! Good luck! I believe it depends on your age. The real question is: does your dad want you to come to Scotland?

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Does a stepfather have visitation rights to his stepson after a divorce?

No, a stepfather will not have visitation rights to his stepson after a divorce. The mother can always allow the stepfather to visit if she wants.

What is your late husband's son to you?

If we assume that what you mean is, what is your late husband's son with another woman, the answer is, your stepson. That describes the relationship that you have, even this stepson never actually lived in your house or was raised by you as a substitute for his biological mother.

Who is lil chuckie to Lil Wayne?

Rapper Lil Chuckee is Lil Wayne's stepson by Chuckee's mother.

If the mother of your daughter has a son who is not yours what relation is he to you?

If you are married to your daughter's mother, then her boy is your stepson. If you are not married, then he is no relation to you. Either way, he is your daughter's half brother.

Where did Obamas mother come from?

obamas mother came from her mother which is obamas grandmother!! DuhHh!! who doesnt kno dat! =] obamas mother came from her mother which is obamas grandmother!! DuhHh!! who doesnt kno dat! =] obamas mother came from her mother which is obamas grandmother!! DuhHh!! who doesnt kno dat! =]

Can your son be call the stepson of your wife who is not his biological mother?

That would be the relationship. If she were to adopt him, son would be correct.

Our 19 year old stepson had his mother call the police on us and he is no longer welcome in our home. Can he be charged with trespassing if he enters our home?

If the 19 year old stepson came to your home and you invited him in or, you invited him over then it is not trespassing. Since his mother phoned the police there must have been a good reason and she and her stepson must have felt there was some risk between the two of you. No, he can not be charged with trespassing unless he barged into your home and past you without an invitation. Now that you have stipulated to your stepson you no longer want him in your home then he must abide by your rules and if he forces himself into your home then you can charge him with trespassing.

Who is Agatha Christie's mother?

Agatha Christie's mother was called Clarissa Margaret Boehmer. Clarissa lived with her aunt as a child, and eventually married the aunt's stepson, Agatha's father Frederick Miller.

If you are willing to give your step son 300 for Christmas but he needs his mother bring it to him because he don't like me should I let her do it?

Yes, you should let the mother take your stepson the $300 for Christmas.

Is the book What your Mother doesn't Know a good book?

AWESOME BOOK! after you read this one read what my girlfriend doesnt know.. its the sequel to what my mother doesnt know! :)

What is the difference between being a stepson and a half son?

You may be thinking of half brother vs step brother. Step brother- our parents are married, but you and I had 2 different parents. Half brother- you and I share one parent, but have one parent that is different.

Who is Hinata's mother?

she doesnt have one shes dead:(

Who is the mother of Joe Mantegna's son?

He doesnt have a son.

Who is Ino's mother?

she doesnt have a mother i think cos i don't see her in the animes poor ino hasn't got a mother:(

Who is Ino's mother?

she doesnt have a mother i think cos i don't see her in the animes poor ino hasn't got a mother:(

Who is next of kin stepson mother sister son when father dies?

Mother, if you mean wife of the deceased husband.

What was phaedra the goddess of?

Phaedra was not a ancient Greek goddess, but the wife of the hero Theseus, the daughter of Minos and Pasiphae; mother of Demophon and Acamas by him. She also fell in love with her stepson Hippolytus. Since he refused her, and her passion for him became known, she hanged herself, leaving a letter in which she charged her stepson of having assaulted her.

Is mark knopfler Jewish?

Knopfler was born in Glasgow, Scotland, to an English mother and a Hungarian Jewish father.

Why doesnt Elizabeth conceive Jesus in the quran?

Mary is the mother of Jesus, Elizabeth is the mother of John the Baptist.

Is Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars bisexual?

Yes but she doesnt want to be and her mother doesnt agree with her at all and hates her

What is the name of Albert Pujols' mother?

albert pujols doesnt exactly have a real mother because he is adoptid

Who is the dragon's momther in Beowulf?

The it doesnt mention the dragon having a mother Grendel (monster) has a mother but its given a name

Should you remove a dead puppy from its mother?

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Is twilight a external or internal conflict and why?

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The mother of my children doesn't love me?

thatss not possibile just because she doesnt show it that doesnt mean she doesnt like them.sometimes it can be your fault your probably not giving her much attention