How can you move out of state if you have majority physical custody when the other parent doesnt consent?

When you have joint legal custody you need file a motion to get permission from the judge to move out of state.
Judges will look at this request very seriously and the other parent will argue with the judge as to why the child shouldn't leave the state.

Be prepared to have solid reasons as to why you should move out of state with the child and how will you cooperate with the other parent regarding visitation and etc.

You need to be responsible adult and work with the other parent since they are a half of a parent just like you. And you wouldn't want the other half to do the same with you if its not right.

Proceed to motion if you truly have a solid reason to take the child out of state otherwise if you lose the motion than the other parent can use that against you now and later to apply for full custody of the child making you look bad in front of the judge.

We deal with a lot of cases where one parent just wants to leave the state and we have to fight tooth and nail to stop it. :)
You would need to convince the court the move is in the child's best interest.