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How can you move out of your Mom's house in The Sim's for GameCube console?

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All I know is that you read the cookbook and mechanic book first thing and get 2 points, then fix the television and cook a meal without starting a fire. Then do some chores around the house like clean up, make beds and serve meals. After each chore, go over to your Mom, compliment her and ask for money. Do this until you have 800 dollors, then she says you have enough to move out, check the meuseam! What does that mean? Study up on mechanical skills to fix broken tv then study up on cooking skills to cook dinner with out causing fire. Then do what ever else "mom" askes of you.

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How do the Sims 2 get pregnant on GameCube?

Sims do not get pregant on the sims 2 for gamecube.

How do you build a two story house on the sims for GameCube?

you can't kasper94

How do you add a second story to your house on the sims 2 for GameCube?

you can't

Is there stairs on the sims 2 pets for GameCube?

No there aren't any stairs for any of the sims console versions.=You can only use stairs in the PC versions of the sims.==That's just how it works I guess=

What Sims game has a two story house For GameCube If not any for GameCube any for Xbox or Playstation2 or 3?

none only on the PC

What is the cheat gnome for try for baby in sims 2 gamecube?

Sims cannot have babies in the Sims 2 for Gamecube.

Can sims get pregnant on Sims 2 for GameCube?


Sims 2 pets GameCube?

On sims 2 pets [Gamecube] is it a 2 player game?

Can you play Sims 3 on the GameCube?

No. When the Sims 3 was developed, Gamecube production wasn't happening.

Can you get pregnant on The Sims for GameCube?

On the Sims 1 for GameCube you can have babies, though your sim is never actually 'pregnant'. In the Sims 2 for GameCube, there are no ages besides adult, so no babies.

How do you get 2 player in The Sims for GameCube?

I do not believe there is a sim called '2 player' in the gamecube edition of the sims

Can you get your sims pregnant on The Sims 2 for GameCube?


Is the sims 3 for GameCube?


Can you build a two story house on Sims 2 for GameCube?

Nope only a one story =( kasper94

How can you get your sim pregnant on The Sims 2 pets for GameCube?

You can't on sims 2 pets gamecube. Only pc.

In the Sims for GameCube how long does it take for babies to turn into kids?

You can't have children on the sims 2 for gamecube. O.o

How many players can play Sims 2 on the gamecube?

Up to four players can play on the Sims 2 for Gamecube.

What is the best Sims game for GameCube that can have babies besides The Sims?

sims unleashed

Does sims 3 available for GameCube?

no, the sims three is for the PC only. the sims games are originally for the PC and it looks like a version for the PS3 is being made but not for gamecube.

Can you have kids on Sims 2 GameCube?


Can you have babies in the sims 2 GameCube?


Can you have a baby on The Sims for Nintendo GameCube?


Can Sims have kids on Sims 2 pets for gamecube?

No you can only have kids on sims 2. On the pc.

How do sims have a baby on The Sims 2 pets on gamecube?

You can have baby's.But I don't know how.

In sims 2 for GameCube can you have kids?