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Ok, I had this problem when I was 15, and I took it to mom also hit me, but the court didnt do anything. they said my grandmother was too old, she was 58 which isn't old but..ya.., they didnt believe me, and i ran away to my grandmas still at home with my mom, but the best solution i can give go to DHS (department of human services) and say that you are being verbally abused, and you would do better in school and life if you lived with your grandmother in a more suitable environment....DONT RUN AWAY...because then they look at you as the wrong one...kk...goodluck

You are under the age of majority in all states and also under the age in which you might be able to petition for early emancipation rights. The above advice is good, you should contact state social services if you are in a abusive or neglectful home, "running away" will only cause you more problems. Or if you choose you can call toll free any of the following organizations for advise and aid, National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-392-3738, Youth Crisis Hotline 1-800-448-4463, Youth Emergency Services Hotline 1-800-899-5437. You might wish to visit Teenline Online where other teens will listen to you and help you decide what your best options might be.

Write to Dr. Phil. He has helped thousands of families come together. Good Luck!

Okay....well...I had the same problem with my mom and I am only 13, so it's not about running away to your grandma. My mom did the same thing and now she is calm and happy. She found a men...well actually I helped and I just talked to her and she just needed love from a man. =) And now everyone is happy. lol....

It's okay, but It's not about running away!! So don't do it. Talk to her!!! =) Luck

ANSWER IS.....Call your grandma first and then talk to your mom when she gets there.
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Q: How can you move out to go live with your grandmother at age 15 if your mom is a single mom and is always yelling and cussing and how do you move out without her permission?
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