Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How can you open the entrance to find registeel?

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Registeel is in a cave right at the end of iron island. However, you have to do something to open the entrance otherwise there will be a blank wall.

You can't find registeel in Pokemon HeartGold.

You can obtain a Registeel by trading it from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

You dont find registeel on D or P. U have to transfer him from Ruby, Sappire, Emerald.

Read the inscription and then go to the middle of the room and use Flash. The door will open and you can battle Registeel at the usual Lv. 40

Go to the center of the room and use Fly.

You read the middle braille, head for the middle of the room, and use fly. the door should open, and you'll be able to fight a level 40 Registeel.

You find registeel in the forest area near fortree city. Note: You need to complete the puzzle of the sealed chamber before you can find him, just like the others.)

You can't find Registeel in Pokemon Platnium. You just migrate it in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, and Pokemon Emerald.

To get Registeel you would have gotten the level 100 Regegigas from a wirerless event or migrate it from saphire, ruby, or emerald.

Well around you can find Regice, Registeel, and Regirock. In the Almia Castle where you find Mismagius is where that weird looking ice pillar stands. You need Magmortar to melt it. You can find him in first entrance in Boyeland. On the way to Pueltown you need to catch a Floatzel and use River Flow. On the way up the river you will find another dock. Get off there. Travel downwards and when you get all the way down you will find a cave. There inside the cave is Regirock. I'm stil trying to find Registeel.

Registeel is located at Chroma Ruins north from the room where you capture Spiritomb and you find a steel statue which requires cut (x5), capture Gallade and go back to Chroma Ruins where that steel statue is and use Cut on the steel statue and you get a Registeel

i would say yes its defence is realy good if u have sapphire emerald or ruby u can get registeel in lilycove but the cave door must be sommoned to open

If you have the Regigigas from the Toys'R'Us, you can take it to Iron Island to have it unlock a secret room in where Registeel will be awakened. It is level 30 as well.

It's a matter of luck. Every Pokemon has a shiny alternative, and the chances of catching a shiny are 1/8192, which means you'd have to go through 8191 normal Registeel just to find one shiny Registeel. If you keep trying for long enough you'll find a shiny Registeel, but it's debatable whether it's worth the hassle.

by fortree city go down then to the right then up

In Snowpoint temple and in different Mt.Cornet's,

There is a map guide that shows you where you can catch everyone.

You have to find all the pieces of the picture, so that you can open the secret entrance in the underground tunnel.

You can find Registeel in the Ancient Tomb on Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. It can also be found in the Underground Ruins of Pokemon White2. To get Registeel in Pokemon White2 you need to catch or defeat Regirock and use the Iron Key reward to unlock the Iron Chamber containing Registeel.

You must export Regirock, Regice, and Registeel from Pokemon emerald, Sapphire, or ruby into pal park. then go to the temple. If you have the three Regis in your party, you can enter the temple.

The entrance is on the right side of the building on the bottom you have to use the crowbar to open it.

The trash can you find the Underground Tickets in is already open : it is the "right" one of the pair to the right of the Underground entrance. (Just paw through the refuse to the bottom.)

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