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TAke it to the body shop as they have to do it when a car is wrecked.

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Q: How can you open the hood on a 1994 Buick Century when the release cable is broke?
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How to open hood if cable broke on 1992 Buick regal?

how do you open the hood on a 1992 buick regal if the cable is broke

Adjusting the Emergency brake on a buick regal sport?

?need to replace the cable to a 1979 buick regal, the emergency release mechanism wire broke. Don't know how to release the brake?

How do you open your hood when the inside release is broken on a 1995 Buick Century Special?

Use pliers and pull the cable...

How do you replace the speedometer cable on a 2004 Buick Century?

A 2004 Buick does not have a speedometer cable. The speedometer signal comes from electronic sensors.

Why is my 1999 buick century hard to pull out of park?

Shift Cable

1992 buick century hood cable broke How do you open hood?

I had a similar problem. On mine, the cable broke right inside the car...right at the lever. There was still plenty of cable sticking out so I just grab it with pliers and pull. If yours is broken in any other place, it will need to be replaced.

Cable for the hood broke on Nissan altima 2005?

cable broke release latch for the hood can't open it

How can you open the hood on a 1993 Buick Skylark when the hood release cable has snapped?

if the cable broke at the handle inside the car there will be a black cable with steel cable inside cut the black cable back so you see the steel cable get a par of visegrip pliers and pole the steel cable til the hood opens.

Broken hood release cable on 1990 Buick Century how do you get the hood open?

You can take the front grill off, with some T20 screws on the front of the car. You will see the hood release cable, and the mechanism that it attaches to. Just look at it, and you will be able to figure out how to open it from there.

How do you open hood release cable on 1993 Buick roadmaster?

Remove the grill

Where is the backup switch located on a Buick Century automobile?

It should be on the transmission where the shift rod or cable attaches.

Inside release for hood won't unlatch why?

the cable is either stretched or broke

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