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It depends on the type of damage to the latch, it could be frozen with rust or the lock\unlock mechanism could just be stuck. There are 2 rod actuators from the inside handle, one for locking and one for latch release. To get to them you will most likely have to remove the inner door panel.

To remove the door panel with door closed: 1. Remove all screws holding inner door panel on. In the case of a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee there are 3 screws, 1 Phillips in the finger well used to pull the door closed, 1 Torx under the handle for the door release and 1 Phillips under a plastic plug opposite the side view mirror.

2. Remove passenger seat: There are 4 bolts on the floor, two in front of the seat that bolt into a beam that runs left to right under the seat and two behind the seat down into the floor most likely covered by two plastic covers. The covers look like doomed wedges on the carpet and snap in place, to remove covers pull them straight back. Once the bolts are all removed tilt the seat forward and check underneath for wire that may need unplugging.

3. Release back half of door panel. There are plastic snap locks all the way around the door panel every 8 inches or so. To replace line up and hit with your palm. If you don�t have and or know how to use a door panel snap puller you can remove by getting your fingers or something that wont scratch the metal or cut the plastic panel between the door and the plastic door panel in the top rear quarter of the panel. I always try to get my fingers between the rubber seal against the side window and the top rear corner of the door panel and pull briskly. You must be between the rubber window seal and the plastic door panel. The snaps will have to be removed for as much of the door panel as the dash board will allow by working out from the corner and around the top and bottom to the dash.

Once the door panel can be flexed away from the door you will have to pull back the weather seal from the rear of the door to access the large access hole in the lower rear part of the steal door. I recommend cool to warm weather as hot temperatures will make the mastic sticky and cold temperatures hard to separate.

You can access the locking mechanisms.

Try the rods to see if they work. You can find which is which and the direction they move by moving the handle and lock on the inside.

If it still wont open Follow to rods to see where the latching mechanism is inside the door and spray with a penetrating oil.

Remove the rods from the handles on the panel by turning the plastic snap away from the rod and lifting the rod from the hole. Remember which is which.

Now push and pull on the locking rod ending in a pull. Then try the door handle rod. You may have to follow them inside the door a work the parts on the latch it self.

That should work if not you need to get inside the door more and work on the latch.

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Q: How can you open the passenger side front door that is stuck closed on 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
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