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Q: How can you open the trunk of a 1989 Maxima if the lock is jammed and the push rod will not work either from inside?
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How do you open the Trunk Lid on a 1999 Toyota Avalon when the inside latch and the key will not open it?

A capnut was found inside the lock housing and had the lock jammed, The trunk lid was opened by applying downward pressure on the trunk Lid and jiggling the lock.It was taken to a Toyota Dealor for service.

How do you repair or fix the trunk that wont close for a Honda civic 1992?

If the trunk on a Honda Civic will not close the locking mechanism may be jammed. Be sure to remove any obstructions on inside the trunk latch. If the latch is broken replace it.

How do you remove Bose rear speakers from a 2004 Nissan Maxima?

Open trunk, remove the carpeted panel underneath the back window...should be 4 or 5 push in panel clips. This is where you either climb inside the trunk, or turn upside down from the outside of the trunk. This panel will drop down, and voila, there are your speakers.

Can not open fuel door on 99 jetta?

When the fuel door is jammed on a 1999 VW Jetta the latch need to be reached from inside the trunk compartment. Removing the panel inside the trunk and reaching the latch from behind will open the fuel door.

Why wont my 1995 Nissan maxima trunk open?

The cable or lock connected to the cable is not working. The body or trunk is bent.

Where is the washer fluid reservoir on a 1996 Maxima?

under the spare tire in the trunk

How do you open the trunk lid on a 1999 Nissan maxima when the inside latch and the key will not open it but the latch and remote are making a noise like they're TRYING to open it?

Try pushing down on the lid lightly as you are pressing the remote key on the remote. It is possible there is something lightly jammed in the area like paper or cloth by giving it the extra space it has opened for me previously.

How do you open a jammed trunk lock on a 1986 cutlass cierra?

May have to remove rear seats and get in from there

How do you unlock a 99 Plymouth breeze trunk from the inside?

How do you get in the trunk from the inside of a 1999 plymouth

Can the backseat be let down in a 2002 Chevy Malibu if the trunk is jammed?

The bottom portion of the seat will pull out but the back of the seat will have to be unbolted and then slid out to access the trunk.

Where is the trunk release inside trunk BMW?

They don't have one

How do you open a 2006 jetta trunk stuck closed?

You can open it from inside the trunk by lowering the back seats. On the inside of the trunk door, there is a white lever. Pull it and the trunk will open.

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