How can you overcome the fear of feeling emotion?

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Well that is kind of a confusing question since fear is an emotion too.
Emotions are very important and actually, the more you have emotions the fuller your life will be.
You can feel happiness for little things such as watching birds and other cliché things, the same thing is accurate for anger, love, fear and other emotions.
To overcome the fear of it, you need to learn more about them, to observe them perhaps. The more you know about your emotions, the less you will fear them and the more you will get interested in them. Always remember that you can't control your emotions, but you can chose not to show them.
Fun fact: You can't hate someone that you have never loved.
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How do you overcome emotional blackmail?

Answer . \nWeigh up the pros and cons of what would happen if the truth came out anyway (as it usually does eventually) and if you can live with that then get everything out in the open, as hard as it will be at the time. Also when you do that, let the person you've told that you have not told t ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome fear of doing backflips?

There are different ways to overcome fears of doing backlflips depending on what you are afraid of. . Do it more than once! Do it until you feal comfortable. If you fall get right back up and do it immediately or else your fear will grow until you wont even try to do it. . Have a coach you trust s ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome the fear of snakes?

Answer . Often fear can be overcome by learning more about the object that frightens you. For instance, I went to a class on snakes (film strips) and learned about poisonous vs. non poisonous snakes and information about their habitats. I went and saw them at the zoo. I have yet to handle one, ( Full Answer )

How do overcome a fear of girls?

Answer . ok. i am a girl so i know this...THEY ARE JUST LIKE YOUUUU. so dont be afraid. honestly if a guy acts confident, its a big plus for me. they cant act all corky and shy. well ...unless ur hott lol

What are some suggestions on how to overcome fear?

Answer . Depending on your fear/phobia and the extent of it the best place to begin would be with counselling then they can direct you from there.. Most people say to confront it, but for the person who has it, it's not that easy. I would say gradually make it better instead of coming right at i ( Full Answer )

How can you overcome your fears?

if you are say scared of a spiders then buy a spider if you are scared of monsters then watch a scary movie or you can say to youself monsters are not real You overcome fear by at least tying to do the thing you are afraid of once to see if you like doing it. Then you can keep on trying to do it so ( Full Answer )

How can you overcome your fear of escalators?

Use Australian Bush Flower Essences Emergency Essence put 7 drops in 16 oz of water and shake, then sip and wait a few minutes and get a little closer to the escalators, take another sip and wait till you are calmer and keep advancing only if you feel comfortable. Best thing I found for fear prob ( Full Answer )

How can you overcome your fears for rides?

There is no complicated solution, just get on the thing and ride away, slowly at first, but just ride away. If all else fails try a hypnotist

How do you overcome a fear of snow?

Some methods used include drug or behavioral therapy to help someone overcome a fear. Please refer to the Related Link for more information.

Why do you feel her emotions?

There is obviously a connection between you two even a bond that is rare but close in friendships.

How can you help a girl feel safe when she is scared of intimacy Is there anything I can do to help overcome this fear?

You can help a girl feel safe when she is scared of intimacy byholding her close and talking gently to her. You can help her toovercome this fear by being patient and understanding, listening toher fears and concerns and by being there for her. Ultimatelyhowever, she needs to overcome this fear by h ( Full Answer )

How to overcome the fear of rejection?

If you ask a girl/guy out and they say "No," all you do is say "Okay," and act like it didn't mean anything that he answered way off to what you wanted. I know you may feel crushed, but don't show it. If he/she says "No," and you show your sad emotion they would atomatically think you are obsessed ( Full Answer )

How to overcome fear of being late?

Do just the opposite - be early all the time, and so you will get in a habit or being early that you won't have to worry about being late. And if you are late, then you are late, and it's no big deal, things happen. So just get into a habit of being 5 minutes early to everything so you never have to ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome the fear of the dark?

A night light or a low output light bulb on a small lamp may do the trick.. I don't know but my boyfriend suggests that I try something..As I have a fear of the dark that over powers my life and my lifestyle.. He suggests that me &+ him sit together with the TV on then when I'm ready to grab him th ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome the fear to talk to girls?

This problem as dogged a lot of men and the truth of it is, women are just as scared as you or if not more scared. women have a lot more insecurities than men so don't beat yourself up about approaching women. They will test you when you approach them this is where you have an advantage if you pass ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome fear of butterflies?

butterflies are harmless creatures so tell yourself there is no need to be scared. butterflies aren't seen around that often so try your best to ignore it and maybe the fear will go away. This is an irrational fear. The person usually knows butterflies are harmless, but s/he is powerless to do a ( Full Answer )

How does it feel to not have emotions?

Empty. No emotions determines not to be able to understand theothers that surrounds you as you can simply just name theiremotions easily without feeling a thing. You're mainly like anempty shell so you do not-or rarely think much. Watch a verydepressing movie, and you don't even shed a tear like eve ( Full Answer )

How can you overcome the fear of turbulence?

We presume you mean while flying as a passenger. There are therapists who specialize in helping people with that kind of issue. We have included a link to an article on fear of flying that may point you in a useful direction. See below.

How do i overcome my fear of sleepovers?

have one with a bunch of friends. and if ur mom is friends with one of ur friends' mom then u and ur mom can both be at the same sleepover(but she doesnt bother u) and then if u get scared u will have ur mom and u will feel better ..................................................................... ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome your fear of rides?

Well, all you have to do is keep ridding them dont let your fear overpower you let yourself overpower your fear Start off by going on slow rides and develop the speed and the heights so you are used to it. If that doesn't help just start on your first roller coaster, if you love it then there you g ( Full Answer )

How can i overcome my Fear of going in an elevator?

so first look at a picture of an elevator alot for like three days.then go and stand by an elevator everyday for like an hour for a week then get one of those really big boxes and make the inside look like an elevator and stand in it everyday for a couple of minutes for two weeks then go and get in ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome the fear of getting shots?

No one likes shots. Here are some steps to help you with this common fear: 1. Don't be ashamed. Tell the nurse, she is used to dealing with kids being afraid. If you tell the nurse, she will most likely be more calm, and guide you through it slowly. 2. When about to get the shot, just relax; i ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome your fear of talking to women?

You can build confidence by practice. This applies to talking to women. Women in my opinion like a man who makes them laugh and smile. Women also like interesting and sincere men. Go on you can do it. Good luck.

Why do you feel emotions?

Emotions are neural signals that tell the brain about the worldaround us. These signals tell the brain how to respond to thestimuli.

How do you overcome a fear of being alone?

the feeling of being alone is just psychological, its all in our minds that triggers our emotions to feel of being alone. You have to overcome it in a way of finding a diversion of your attention and focus. Usually being alone comes when we are not doing anything, when we are not busy, when we are j ( Full Answer )

How can you overcome the fear of public speaking?

I'm not the best at public speaking, but I have come a long way inthis area so hopefully some of these things will help you as well. 1. Imagine the presentation exactly as you want it to go. Imagineyourself sitting in your chair waiting, your name being called,walking up, and giving a great present ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome your fear of skateboarding?

Seems to be a hard question to answer, sense It is personal. To overcome your fear, Just go for it. Think how awesome it would be to do tricks like the pro's. Do beginner tricks first, Like ollies and kickflips. They you can progress to better,and better tricks

How do you overcome fear of someone else?

Find a way to face your fear without facing the object of your fear. At first, that is. Unlike jumping into a pool of water to begin swimming, you must "familiarize" yourself and "condition" yourself. Reference "Pavlov's dogs".

What fears does Harry Potter overcome?

He overcomes his fear of Dementors in the Prisoner of Azkaban, his fear of death in the Deathly Hallows and his fear of losing, the dragon, the merpeople, etc. in the Goblet of Fire. There are probably more but I can't think of any right now :)

How to overcome the feeling of rejection from your spouse emotional infidelity?

if you are stil married with that spouse talk with them tell them how you feel if you are not married with them any more try dating someone else not just anyone look for someone who was also rejected you guys could talk about it it will make you feel better trust me when my parents got a divorce my ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome the fear of doing a backflip?

To overcome the fear, you should practice back handsprings on a trampoline, since it shouldn't hurt if you ever miss. Then practice back flips on the trampoline. Eventually, you'll develop more confidence and won't be as scared to flip backwards. When you're comfortable (and certain that you can do ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome a fear of roller coasters?

You just have to tell yourself they're safe. In fact, cars, planes and vending machines are all more dangerous. On average, 15 people are crushed to death by vending machines each year, while roller coasters, have less than 2 people a year die on them. They are very safe. Get someone to make you go ( Full Answer )

What does overcome fear mean?

It means to get over your fear by conquering it. For example if you had thantophobia, you'd prepare yourself to cross at a pedestrian crossing alone.

How can you overcome your fear of Kinda Ka?

Just tell yourself millions of people ride it and millions of people get off also just get on it or take a girl you like to pressure you on it because i garuntee when you get off it you will love it.

How can one overcome their fears?

You can overcome your fears in many different ways. One of the ways to overcome your fears is through prayer. This is one of the best ways to overcome your fears. Another way to overcome your fears is face the fear.

What are some tips for overcoming fear?

The following are some tips for overcoming fear; remembering that fear only exists in mind, focus on preparation instead of lingering thoughts about fear, recording successful things accomplished while trying to overcome your fear.

How do you overcome your fear of talking to your crush?

You just dive right in there and get chatting! What's the worst that could happen? Plenty of crushes will come along in the future and the more you talk to the more comfortable you'll feel.

How do you overcome the fear of being attacked?

attacked by what? people? animals? inanimate objects? Generally youovercome fears by facing them and understanding that they'reirrational. However, with this question as it is, to tell you to doso would be to tell you to be attacked so you can understand thatbeing attacked won't hurt you.

How do you overcome my fear of putting my tampon in?

If you could have a trusted friend or your mom with you to showyou, that might help. Remember, too, that you don't have to weartampons if you are scared to. Millions of women wear pads. They arejust as effective and don't require insertion.