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How can you pay a ticket if you don't have the ticket?

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The courthouse for the district governing the area in which you received the ticket will have the ticket on file and can give you a copy.

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A cop gave you a ticket without signing it does it mean that is is not a valid ticket and you dont have to pay?

If you dont sign your sppeding ticket in texas but the cop does is that grounds for dissmissal

What happens if you get a speeding ticket in Virginia and live in Indiana and don't pay the ticket?

They will probably get your license number and then if you dont pay they will track you down

What happens if you dont pay a seatbelt ticket?

Eventually your driver license will be suspended until the ticket is paid.

What rides do you have to pay for at Six Flags?

u dont have to pay for any rides. u just pay for your ticket and enjoy

What happens if you dont pay a parking ticket?

you will go to jail or be on house arrest

What happens if you have a unpaid seat belt ticket?

You can be suspended if you dont pay or request a trial

Can you use your frequent flyer miles towards a ticket even if you dont have enough miles?

With Delta Airlines Skymiles this is possible. Pay for the ticket partially in miles and pay cash for the balance.

What happens if you dont pay a drinking in public ticket?

If you do not pay a ticket for drinking in public, you can actually have a warrant issued for your arrest. You will then need to appear in court and will often receive fines or jail time.

If you have a warrant out for your arrest will they find out if you buy a bus ticket?

dont pay with your own credit card.

Do you get points on your license if you get a ticket?

Yes.if you dont pay it there could be a court case against ya

How much does a speeding ticket in Alabama cost?

You pay $6 for a speeding ticket in Alabama. Dueces!!!! Dont forget to watch the 60 seconds show.

How do you pay a ticket that you dont know what county its in and the officer forgot to give you the physical ticket?

call the fine collections center and speak to a customer service person

Does a parking ticket affect your auto insurance in New Jersey?

if you dont pay it and get suspended yes it will affect you insurance

What happens if you get a speeding ticket in Georgia and forget to pay the ticket?

If you get a speeding ticket in Georgia and forget to pay your ticket, after a while, you will incur fines. If you continue to not pay it, a warrant may be issued for your arrest.

How do you pay a ticket?

you pay money

Do you have to pay a photo radar speeding ticket you received in the mail?

yes you do or you could get called to court eventually because they have Files of Who and who did not pay and it could be counted as felony if you dont.

What happens if you pay a traffic ticket late in pa?

In most cases, if you pay a traffic ticket late, you will be have to pay an additional penalty. If the ticket is really late, you may have to go to court. Most times, you either pay the ticket or go to the court date that is stated on the traffic ticket.

Can you pay a delinquent speeding ticket in Colorado?

Yes, you can and should pay a delinquent speeding ticket in Colorado. If you don't pay the ticket, you could have a warrant issued for your arrest.

How long do you have to pay for a ticket after court?

how long do i have to pay a traffic ticket after court and two extentions

Where can I pay my parking ticket online?

Yes, you sure can pay your parking ticket online. You can go to the Department of transportation website fill out some information to successfully pay your ticket.

What happens if you dont pay parking tickets on a car that is totaled?

When violating a rule, it is important to pay the fines associated with it. If a person does not pay a parking ticket, they can end up with late fees and possible jail time.

If you do not pay your speeding ticket on time can they arrest you?

Yes, you can be happened to sure to pay your ticket when it is due.

Can you pay a ticket after your license is suspended?

Yes, in many cases you have to pay the ticket before you can get your license back.

If you get a speeding ticket while on company business can I expect the company to pay for it?

No. You will need to pay your speeding ticket.

If you get a speeding ticket while driving someone else's car do you have to show proof of insurance when you pay the ticket?

no, but if you want to pay less for the ticket then yes