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How can you permanently turn off the check engine light on a 1993 Ford ranger the light has been coming on and off occasionally since i bought the truck you can't get at the bulb to remove it?

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2007-01-20 04:38:38

Why not just repair it. Use a code scanner to figure out what's

wrong, and replace the faulty part then the check engine light will

go off normally. The light is there as a diagnostic tool to tell

you that you need to read the computer code and repair the problem.

Agree with above. Fix the problem and it may improve your gas

mileage. Most likely a O2 Sensor located on the Exhaust manifold

before the Catalytic Converter. Go to AutoZone and ask them to run

a free scan to see what the code is reading. Fix the problem..don't

make it impossible to know when your engine is out of oil by

removing the only indicator lamp. Good luck.

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