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If your HDs are the IDE type, then you need to either set one to master and one to slave, or use 'cable select' to do it automatically. When you bought your new HD, chances are that it is already in cable select mode, but you should check to make sure they both are before you continue. You can do this by looking to the right of the large series of pins where the data cable is connected. You should see some more pins, with a 'jumper' connectin two of them together. The position of the jumper sets the HD to whatever mode you want. Check on the back of the HD or in the manual to find out which position is cable select.

When both drives are in cable select mode, put them both into the case mounting, preferably not too far apart, and screw them in. Then find the cable which was attached to the first drive. You'll see that it has 3 connectors: 1 in the motherboard, 1 in the middle and 1 at the end. Plug the end cable into your first HD (the one with the operating system on it) and the middle connector to your new HD. Finally, connect a power cable to both HDs. It doesn't matter which, just find a spare one. (They have 4 wires going to them: red black and yellow) Turn on your computer! Windows or your operating system should pick it up.

With SATA hard drives it is easy: just plug the second one in at any spare SATA connector: the SATA connectors are thick pink wires. You'll also probably need a SATA power convertor which changes the standard power connectors to one for a SATA drive. You may need to change settings in your BIOS to tell the computer which drive has your OS on it, but that shouldn't be needed. If you do have to, hold DELETE when your system boots. You should find a blue screen with options on it. Look for something like "Advanced Config." -> "Boot order" and set your old HD to be before your new one. Press F10 to save and quit.

I've linked to two sites which might help you: they have the same sort of guide but with pictures and a bit more detail.

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