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There is currently no way to play Toontown directly on Linux. The game is only developed for Windows and Mac OS X, and the game does not function using Wine. If you want to play it on Linux, you will have to run Windows in a virtual machine, such as VirtualBox.


Actually now toontown can be made to work on wine,

its not a completely straight forward install but it is possible to work now.

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Q: How can you play Disney's Toontown on Linux?
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Some ToonTasks have rewards which will give you clothing tickets.

Do a lot of people play toontown?

Yes. Thousands of people play Toontown...

Can an iPad play ToonTown?

Since Apple Does not support flash, you cannot play any game based on flash, nor can you use those games that are supposed to be downloaded on your computer. (Mac/Windows/Linux)

How do you get to play on toontown?

Go to Toontown's website and download the game

How do you play Old Toontown?

You can download the free version of the old ToonTown on It will give you the version of ToonTown. I hope that helps!

Can you play toontown on the iPhone?

Sorry but No you can't use toontown on phone.

Where do you play Toontown online without Paying?

You can play Toontown for free, but many of the subscriber (pay) features won't work.

How can register in toontown?

to regester in toontown, go to and sign up! you can play for free, or you can play for a monthly, or yearly fee.

Do you like toontown?

Well this is up to the Toon(you)But I love ToonTown!I have wroked on my Toon for years and have found lots of cool/fun things to do.I say that you should play ToonTown if you do not play it already.

How can you play two accounts on toontown?

You have to become a member to get up to six toontown accounts.

Can you play toontown on the Nintendo DSi?

No you can not.

How do you get toontown nightlife for free?

You can't, and if you buy it and play toontown with nightlife, you'll realize it was a waste of money.

Can you play as mickey in toontown?

Obviously no you cant play as the real mickey characters in toontown. You only play as toon animals but you can make a mouse with details to look like mickey and name the toon mickey. Hope this helps :) By: Toontown Answer Expert

Can you play toontown for free?

of course you can play toontown for free! You won't get to do everything, but it will change your mind about not paying, Believe me! I had to stop cause my computer broke. :P

How do you play the old toontown?

Well you must go back intime. Just kidding.You cant play the old Toontown unless you find a hack but then you will get banned.

How do you play PS3 games on Linux?

You cannot play PS3 games on on Linux. Even if you had a blu-ray drive on your Linux computer you would not have the proper system to play. If you want to play PS3 games you will have to play them on a PS3.

How much does toontown online cost a month?

Toontown membership costs $9.99 to play for a month. Hope this helps :) By: Toontown Answer Expert

What was Walt Disneys hobbies?

he liked to play baseball and or dancing:)

Can you play toontown on your ps3?

No the Sony Software isn't ready for toontown YET but when they eventually do system updates maybe

Where are pencil pushers on toontown?

Okay I play toontown and i had to fight 4 Pencil Pushers. The best place in toontown central is punchline place i found tons of them there. Hope this helps!!

Can I play games on Linux and what is linux?

Linux is just an OS (Operating system like macOS, android, Windows...). But the different things are that Linux is a bit hard to learn. Linux is used by hackers (Linux is a "hacking machine", a bit like hacking in movies. And yes u can play games on Linux (There is some games that doesn't support Linux.)

How do I play as a cog in Toontown?

You can't and that's that

Can you play toontown online on the wii?


Can you play toontown on the mac?

yes, yes you can

Can you play toontown on a MacBook?

Disney's ToonTown requires the Windows operating system and will not work with Mac OS X on a Mac.