Pregnancy Gender Prediction

How can you predict the gender of a baby in a pregnant woman?


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You cannot predict, but some say a woman will carry a boy low and a girl high.

Any method for predicting the gender of a baby is considered to be Wives' tales and are not supported by the medical community. There are several medical procedures used to predict the gender, such as the ultrasound (which is not always accurate), blood tests and chromosomal tests (which are always accurate if you have to have one completed).

The myth that a woman carrying a boy high and a girl high stems from stereotype. This stereotype is that a boy is more independent, thus will be carried lower or 'further away from his mother' and that a girl needs more protection, thus carried closer to her mother or 'carried high.'

There are many Wives' tales out there for predicting the gender. Lot of them are based on those stereotypes of boy vs. girl behavior. There are some who believe in these Wives' tales so much as they consider them fact because they have been right most of the time. The basis is that ANY method for predicting the gender in this way (even one that you make up yourself) has the odds of 50/50 of being right. Even odds there.

The only Wives' tale that had ever been considered by the medical community to be accurate was the rate of the heartbeat. A girl's fetal heartbeat is faster - over 140 beats per minute, while a boy's fetal heartbeat was slower - lower than 140 beats per minute. I guess if your baby's heartbeat was 140 beats per minute on the dot, it was a toss-up between the two. However, this myth has recently been debunked by scientific research because the rate of the heartbeat can fluctuate between boys and girls alike from various things like fetal or mother stress, mother illness, and at the stage of development for the fetus.

But, all of these Wives' tales for predicting the gender of the fetus before it is born makes for some great Baby Shower games! On that note, I wouldn't go decorating the nursery or shopping for a complete wardrobe based on the outcome of any of them!


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All those factors have some influence on the gender of a baby, but it is impossible to predict the gender of a baby on the basis of any or all of those factors. Only an examination of the foetus can tell the gender of an unborn baby.

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The dream does NOT reliably predict the gender of your developing child. It may only reflect your emotions at the moment, or express your own childlike wonder and delight in the pregnancy. The reliable way to determine your unborn child's gender is to ask for a sonogram.

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Nothing that a pregnant woman eats during pregnancy will change the sex of the baby. The woman should focus on eating healthy to provide nutrients for her developing baby.

the woman will be poisoned and will have a dead baby in her or a disfigued baby

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The Chinese gender predictor calendar is an age old tool drawn up over 700 years ago, which is claimed can predict the gender of an unborn baby by a calculation involving the mothers age and the month that the baby was conceived in.

No, sounds like a old wives tale. There is no way you can find out unless the doctor helps you or you wait until the baby is out.

There is a weak correlation that baby girls have a higher heart rate than baby boys, but it is not concrete, and many babies don't follow this rule.

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