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when it starts getting warm and bubbling up and then about week later it would erupt.

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precdiction about the story before

Because the eruptions are random. But, normally scientists can give an approximation.

Yes. A volcano erupts somewhere in the world every year.

Type your answer here... were do you go when a volcano erupts

active volcano- frequently erupts dormant volcano- rarely erupts extinct volcano- NEVER EVER erupts

Before a volcano erupts the magma and gases that is underground begin to rise to the mouth of the volcano. There are usually earthquakes that occur before a volcano erupts as well.

No. Whether or not a volcano is going to erupt soon has absolutely nothing to do with the weather.

Igneous rocks are formed after a volcano erupts.

The term 'volcano' covers all types of volcano - active (still erupts), dormant (sleeping - could still erupt), extinct (no longer erupts) an inactive volcano means that the volcano no longer erupts. hope this helps!

what comes out of a volcano is lava.

Yes you can, Before a volcano erupts, magma (molten rock) rises towards the surface, breaking rock en route. As more pushes up, the rocks around it vibrate. It also sometimes has smoke coming out of it before it erupts. You could also use a seismometer (or seismograph) ,a sensor that detects the intensity of earthquakes caused by magma that is moving.

when a volcano erupts. a land form valley. that is mean a land get new.

A Volcano erupts magma while A Mountain do not erupts....As simple as that... stupid head!!

a silent volcano is when a volcano erupts but silently

yes, after a volcano erupts this happens

kill a man first and you will know how to predict a volcano

extinct volcanoes are the volcanoes that never erupts

The volcano in Hawaii erupts the most in the world because the tectonic plates underneath are the most active.

Generally, a dormant volcano that erupts catches everyone by surprise. A dormant volcano often gives little to no warning before erupting.

a volcano that starts and erupts under water

Depends on the volcano, how big it erupts too.

The stuff that pours out of a volcano is called lava.

When a shield volcano erupts, lower-viscosity lava will typically fountain or flow out of a vent and then flow downhill.

The 2 things people can die from when a volcano erupts are the pyroclastic flows and the mud flows.