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There is no way to prevent a natural disaster. But with the technology we have these days, there are ways to get warnings out faster, which can prevent it from hurting people.

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What government can do to prevent natural disasters?

Goverment cannot prevent natural disasters but provide emergency plans

Why cannot science an technology not prevent natural disasters?

Science and technology cannot prevent natural disasters as there are limitations of science and the natural disasters are also very strong.

How natural disasters are more harmful than manmade disasters?

There are no way you can stop natural disasters but there are ways you can prevent man-made disasters

How do you prevent natural disasters?

You can't. That's why they are called natural disasters not man-made ones

How do you prevent from natural disasters?

You can't prevent a natural disaster. But you can help minimize the damage they do.

When you prevent natural disasters or the only thing you can do is to be prepared for them?

you can't prevent disasters because no one can, the only thing is you must always be prepared.

How can natural disasters can prevented?

You cannot prevent natural disasters. They just happen. Unless you take care of the earth. Then maybe we won't have any. :)

How do you avoid or prevent a natural disaster?

You cannot prevent natural disasters. They are made by nature, so humans have no power to stop it from happening. However, you can avoid the natural disasters by evacuating in time to another place until the disaster has occurred.

What can students do to prevent natural disasters?

A natural disaster is just that, created naturally. Hurricanes, Tornados, & Earthquakes are all examples of natural disasters and there is nothing humanly possible to prevent a natural disaster. However, everyone can help lessen the aftermath devistation following a natural disaster by volunteering.

What is the primary role of the National Guard?

to prevent violence and helping the victims of natural disasters

Are natural disasters preventable?

No, we cannot prevent natural disasters from happening. We can only run from it. However, we can stop it from happening so frequently by being Eco friendly and stop global warming.

Steps to prevent natural disasters?

Natural disasters cannot be prevented but governments can devolole better technology to track and see patterns. Goverments should devolole structures to reduce damage and deaths.

How can natural disasters be prevented?

Natural disasters cannot be prevented.

Who studies natural disasters?

scientist studied natural disasters

Are earthquakes natural disasters?

Yes, earthquakes are natural disasters.

Does Singapore have natural disasters?

Singapore is sheltered from natural disasters. there.

Why are people not prepared for natural disasters?

natural disasters are a conspiracy.

Has England built anything to help prevent natural disasters?

The Thames Barrier was built to prevent London from flooding at a very high tide.

What part of the world is free of natural disasters?

There is no place that is free of natural disasters but Australia is one of the places with the least natural disasters.

Is natural disasters natural or manmade?

Consider the name and what they are like and you will reach the conclusion that they are natural. "Natural" disasters.

How can you overcome natural disasters?

should have a clear idea about natural disasters

What is the Essay on The consequences of natural disasters?

a short note on natural disasters

What natural disasters can help an ecosystems?

NO natural disasters can help an ecosystems

What are natural disasters in Kansas?

The Natural disasters in Kansas Are- earthquakes and tornadoes

Were there any natural disasters in Catal Huyuk?

Yes there natural disasters.