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You can't unless you shut down all the planes.

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Health effects caused by noise pollution?

Noise pollution can caused a person "deaf".

What are the noise pollutions?

Environmental pollution caused by too much noise is called noise pollution.

What is a pollution that includes loud music and jet air planes?

noise pollution

What is noise pollution and how is it caused?

The main causes for noise pollution are vehicles especially motorcycles.

How do you prevent noise pollution?

by sezig all the vehicles

What are the pollution's caused by festivals like Diwali and Holi?

Air and noise pollution is caused on Diwali. Water pollution is caused on Holi.

A large amount of noise caused by planes autos industry ect?

community noise

What produces noise?

There are many things in the world that produce noise. Cars, planes, stereos, and people all produce noise and add to noise pollution.

How Diwali cause land pollution?

The litters and garbage caused by crackers cause land pollution. also air and noise pollution is caused

What are the devices used to prevent noise pollution?

There are a great many devices in the world that are used to prevent noise pollution. Mutes and sound-proofing materials on walls are two devices used.

What Disease are caused by noise pollution?

lack of hearing... deap

Diseases caused by noise pollution?

uhmmm...... loss of hearing?

2 causes of noise pollution?

Two big causes of noise pollution are vehicles (cars, trucks, car horns, revving engines, planes, ect) and loud music.

Can hydroelectric cause pollution or waste?

hydroelectric causes noise pollution, but other wise there isn't any pollution caused by it.

What forms of pollution are there?

Air pollution, water pollution, ground pollution, light pollution (interferes with observing the sky at night; is caused by unshielded artificial lights), and noise pollution.

What are countries doing to help repair noise pollution?

the most common action taken to help reduce and prevent noise pollution is planting dense hedges near roadways.

How is noise pollution related to air pollution?

PollutionNoise Pollution is a contamination of the quality of the sound in the air (Example loud honking, construction sites)) Air Pollution is a contamination of the physical and chemical properties of the air (exhaust from buses/planes, factory fumes)Both types of pollution, and pollution in general, is a disruption of the normal, homeostatic quality of the environment)

Does noise create pollution?

It is dependent upon what the noise is caused by and more often than not the scale tips toward...probably

What do you mean by noise polllution?

noise pollution is a noise which afect the pollution

What are the types of pollution?

The major forms of pollution are listed below: 1. Air pollution, the release of chemicals and particulates into the atmosphere. 2. Light pollution, includes over-illumination 3. Littering 4. Noise pollution, which encompasses roadway noise, aircraft noise, industrial noise 5. Soil contamination occurs when chemicals are released 6. Radioactive contamination 7. Thermal pollution, is a temperature change in natural water bodies caused by human influence 8. Visual pollution 9. Water pollution

Name a disease caused by noise pollution?

heart diseases, ulcer, stress, and deafness

Introduction to noise pollution?

introdution of noise pollution

What are the objectives of noise pollution?

noise pollution objective

Noise pollution slogans?

a sweet slogan about noise pollution

Does coal cause noise pollution?

no it does not produce noise pollution