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Answer 1Check the wiring. You might need a better ground. check the alternator and the battery. if it's possible to get a higher voltage alternator or a bigger battery on your car, look into that. Answer 2Either by providing it with a separate power source, like a second battery, or by running the engine, so the alternator can provide a charge. The amp has got to use power from somewhere. If you don't have he engine running, and there isn't some other power source, it is going to pull it's power from off the battery.If your problem is that the charging system cant keep up with the amp, either the amp is too big of a power hog for the car, or you need to see what other higher output alt you can get. Answer 3, Get A CapacitorThe above answers are good, but the best thing you can do is get a capacitor. A capacitor is a device used to store electric power then disperse it when needed. A capacitor takes off the added stress from the battery and alternator by storing it. They come HIGHLY recommended especially for people who run multiple amplifiers amongst other in-car power draining devices. Capacitors are rated in farads, and depending on what you are running will determine how big (farads) of a capacitor you'll need. Answer 4Answer 1 is correct EXCEPT for the part about checking the ground. The a poor ground would [THEORECTCALLY] tend to limit current flow and thus CONSERVE battery power.

Answer 2 is totally correct.

Answer 3 is totally confusing to me, and suggests the contributor doesn't know much about capacitors. I have been an electronics hobbiest for over 45 years, and have had some paying jobs in electronics manufacturing, and have never heard of such a thing.

She is correct in that capacitors are electrical storages devices [DC ONLY by the way], BUT only for very small amounts of power. Even the new SUPER CAPACITORS DO NOT HAVE THE POWER STORAGE CAPACITIES to make ANY contribution to the solution to this problem. A whole pickup bed full of the new supercaps might give an amplifier system, as described, operate for up to a minute or two.

Although the question does not address whether the unacceptable battery drain is occurring when the engine is operating, or off. Answer 2 alludes to this problem in that BIG, POWER HOGGING AMPS USE A LOT OF POWER, AND that power has to come from somewhere.

Usually, most vehicle alternators [if the engine is kept running] are capable of "keeping up with" audio amplifier systems.

If the amp is being used with the vehicle engine OFF, then a MUCH LARGER battery [or several] is needed. If, with the engine running, the battery is STILL being drained [and the alternator is not defective], then a larger alternator is needed.

If the power demand is greater than the largest alternator output, then you just have too much amplifier for a vehicle.

IF you STILL want to use THAT amplifier in THAT vehicle, then I suggest that you:

1. Get a gasoline powered PORTABLE AC [alternating current] GENERATOR SET, AND

2. Get a POWER INVERTER [changes alternating current to direct current] RATED with a CONTINUOUS power output GREATER than the power draw [demand] of your monster amplifier.

I don't think you're going to have to worry about this problem for very long anyway. At the volume levels required to draw that much current, you are going to be DEAF anyway.

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Q: How can you prevent your car's current from draining when you use your car's audio power amplifiers?
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