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yes. drink lots of coffee or red bull a: get energized by caffeine or energy drinks b: be busy like watch tv or read c: shine bright lights in ur eyes if ur tired but all in all u should sleep ur brain needs rest etc.

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Q: How can you prevent yourself from sleeping?
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Yes! all sleeping rooms are to yourself, unless shared with a friend.

How do you prevent tiredness?


What can I do about my immigration nightmare?

Not sleeping will prevent the nightmares

How do you prevent biting of teeth while sleeping?

by taking medicine

How can you prevent yourself from tasting?

You can't completely prevent yourself from tasting, but holding you nose can keep you from tasting some things.

Can spiders crawl on yourself while sleeping?

of course

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What can you do to prevent a dry mouth when sleeping?

To prevent a dry mouth while sleeping it is important to stay hydrated. Discuss any medications being taken with a doctor to see if these may the cause of the dry mouth. There are also numerous mouth rinses on the market today that help prevent dry mouth.

What can you do to make yourself fall asleep faster?

Sleeping pills

How can you prevent yourself from diseases that you can get during rainy season?

You can prevent getting these sicknesses by not exposing yourself to the rain and also by taking daily vitamins.

How do you get yourself to sleep?

If you are having trouble sleeping at night you can get yourself to sleep by drinking warm milk or chamomile tea

How do you prevent jealously?

To prevent jelousy you can make yourself as good as the person your jelous of.

Does over sleeping cause dark circles?

Not usually, if anything it should prevent them.

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Tell him you are not

How can you change yourself into a slut?

By sleeping with a ton of men and having no commitments to them.

Is not sleeping and eating a problem?

Yes. Both sleeping and eating are basic human needs, and depriving yourself of either can have serious consequences, including death.

What is something your spouse does to prevent you from sleeping?

Snores talks watches tv snuggle toss and turn has light on

How can you prevent yourself from diying your hair?

By not doing it .)

How do you the strike of the sleeping cobra?

Put a nail on the floor stare at it then punch yourself.

Why does your cat sniff your face when im sleeping?

because you touch yourself at night

How do you prevent yourself from growing?

you dont want to prevent yourself from growing, because growing comes doesnt matter if your tall or short what matter is on the inside. that's what i say.

How do you prevent african sleeping sickness?

African sleeping sickness is caused by trypanosoma gambiense, which is a parasite that lives in the large intestine. Washing hands thoroughly and making sure food is fully cooked and clean before eating will prevent this sickness. Steps you have probably heard before.

What causes sleeping disorder?

Worrying about too many things before sleeping, you get stressed out and stops yourself from relaxing and you stay awake. == == Stress is the main problem people faces today so their is problem of sleeping disorder.

What are some safety concerns with sleeping bags for a baby?

Sleeping bags can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or Cot Death. Sleeping bags prevent baby's legs from dangling out of the dot rails, providing a safe and comforting sleep.

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don't be ignorant and purposely wound yourself with sewing needles.