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How can you protect your printer such that it will not print when plugged into someone else's computer?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-31 12:38:57

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There is no way to do what your asking, except by hiding the powercord ;)

2006-08-31 12:38:57
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How do you attach a network printer to a standalone computer?

Someone can attach a network printer to a standalone computer by using a USB connection. Using a cord to attach the printer to the computer, then installing the printer software, someone can then use the printer from the computer.

How-to buy a computer printer?

Go to the good guys or some place like that that sells computers and ask someone if you can buy a computer printer.

Why is your wireless mouse controlled by someone elses computer?

This could be since your mouse's receiver is plugged-in with their computer.

How do you scan from your printer to your computer?

If your printer has that capacity, then surely it is explained in the printer manual. If you don't have the manual, perhaps you can find one on-line, or find someone who can explain the steps.

Purpose of printer?

The purpose of a printer is to print out things that were created on a computer, and are to be used later on while not at the computer. For example, someone might print out a picture that they want to save and put it somewhere special.

Can someone access your computer if your router is unsecured but the computer is directly plugged into the router?

Without being long winded and full of IT jargon - YES THEY CAN!

Will a bluetooth adapter works in printer?

The bluetooth adapter has to have a slot to go into the printer, and the bluetooth must be set up properly in the computer sending the information to the printer. Sometimes, though, it may work on and off, meaning it may work fine one time, but just not work another time someone tries it. The bluetooth adapters aren't that reliable, and a cable connecting directly to the printer would be better. The bluetooth must be configured properly with the computer, and a printer driver must be on the computer.

Where can someone go to get a Sony photo printer?

A Sony photo printer may be bought from a general computer shop (PC World, for instance). In addition, they can be bought online as well, on mega retailers' websites such as Amazon.

Can someone view your computer's history from another computer?

Yes- it is possible to view history from another computer anyone can look at what you have or had on your computer. A lot of people don't realizes that it is possible for example when one of my laptops crashed i pulled up the main info. to another computer. To help protect your computer add passwords to everything that you want to protect.

What is C plus language importance computer?

All computers need a set of instructions that tell the computer what to do and how to do it. These instructions are called the operating system. Many different brands of computers exist made in many different ways. At one time, each one had its own operating system. In fact, some manufacturers created operating systems for each model of computer. Still, it was possible for some people to go in and change these operating systems and even replace them. Then someone developed the C language. It was soon discovered that C language could create an operating system that could be used on different computers. When someone wants to write a driver for a printer, he writes it using the C language. He can add one or two instructions for a particular brand of computer and it will work. Thus, the operating system for the printer is written in C. (The problem comes when you have a old printer and a new computer. The printer company is not going to hire a programmer to write code to send out free updates to make their old printer work on your new computer. They want you to buy a new printer!)

Can someone suggest a cheap Canon printer ink cartridge for someone on a budget?

Usually a printer can only use one type of ink, however you can look on the manufacturer's website to find what cartridges are compatible with your specific printer.

Where do you go when you want to interrupt your windows session and let someone else use the computer?

If you are stopping a session to allow someone else to use the computer, you should click on the X in the corner of the page you are on. This will close out anything you are looking at and protect sensitive information.

How do i stop error content blocked and admistrator license?

It sounds like someone has restricted which websites you're allowed to visit ! The restrictions are there for a reason - to protect you and your computer from harm !.. We in the Wiki community will not help you circumvent the security measures someone has placed on your computer.

Why would Back web appear on your computer and the firewall be set to ignore it?

Your computer must trust it for some reason maybe you or someone in your family has pressed trust all the time or maybe your computer trusts it. It used to be due to hp printer software back in 2005-6.

What is a computer operrater?

A computer operator is someone who's main job is interaction with the computer. It can be someone who inputs data, or someone who is getting information from the computer.

Where can someone buy laser printer cartidges?

Laser printer cartridges are available at a number of stores. Best Buy is a great place to start. You can also contact the maker of the printer and purchase printer cartridges through them.

What kind of printer transfers ink to the paper by striking a ribbon with pins?

It is an impact printer. Someone else has already asked this.

If someone give you a printer but no CD to load the driver how can you load the printer's driver from his computer to yours?

to find drivers for printers, go to the manufacturer's site and search for the products & drivers downloads. you need to have Printer's make & model number and onlineinternet connection in which you need to install the printer. if internet is not available on the computer where the printer is to be installed, the driver downloads can be saved and stored from any net connected computers. once you have the downloaded drivers files, connect the printer to the computer where to be installed and switch on the power. if New hardware found task window comes can you can just ignore that. by running the drivers files donloaded, the installation gets completed.

What does Jounty mean?

It means to protect someone. A bounty hunter would kill someone a jounty hunter is hired to protect someone. Bodyguard

Why would someone need a laser printer fuser?

The purpose of the fuser in a laser printer is quite necessary. It is the part of the printer that heats up and makes the entire printing process possible. Without it, a laser printer would not work.

Is there a market for someone completing printer repair training?

There are jobs available in the field of printer repair. You could work for a large printer repair company, or could work for a large employer which might have a printer repair tech on site.

Where can someone find a user manual for an HP laserjet 6 MP laser printer?

Try the manufacturer of the printer, which is HP, or hewlett packard. Try searching for your printer model at

Are deskjet printers really as great as they claim?

Using a deskjet printer is all based on individual needs and expectations of a printer. Someone who does photography may need a printer such as a deskjet for finer detail, but someone who used a printer for printing term papers may not need something as advanced as a deskjet. It's all personal preferance.

What is a plotter?

The word plotter has several meanings. In the world of technology, a plotter is a computer printer used for printing vector graphics. Otherwise, a plotter could mean someone who plans or plots something.

How do you protect your computer from attackers?

A good way is to sleep in the same room as your computer so when someone tries to take it you can bash his brains in THUS protecting your computer from attackers. Its best if you keep a weapon with you preferably a gun. Another way is to make traps in your computer room that you and you only know how to get past. A good trap that I usually do to protect my computer from those deadly attackers that I put a nice decoy (realistic computer) so when they try to steal it the plug will come out and THE TRIGGER OF THE GUN INSIDE THE COMPUTER WILL BLOW HIM UP (thats what she said) yea thats a good way to protect your computer. The nice classic way as well would also be 'got nothing else to do' plan where everyday you stand behind the door in your computer room holding a big deadly stick and wait someone comes in AND BEAT THE SH...eep? out of him :D So there are a few ways to protect your computer attackers hope you learnt something out of this and put it into practice. Take Care