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How can you prove you are a good leader?

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well, if you really want to be a good leader, then do responsible things to prove you are responsible enough to lead a group. Then when you are leading a group make sure you are always talking in a loud voice, but not too loud! Make sure you always make eye-contact with the person or peolple you are working with. And don't forget to always keep your head up high to show that you have the cofidence of a leader! :)

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Are horses as loyal as dogs?

Yes they are. However you must win their trust first and prove yourself as a truly good leader to them for a horse to be 100% loyal.

How was balto a good leader?

no he is not a good leader

Was Joan of Arc a good leader?

Yes she was a very good leader. She was such a good leader that her soldiers refused to fight with out her!

Characteristics of an effective leader?

>Good leader is a good follower. >Good leader must know how to how to improve his/her group or a country. >Good leader know what is justice for everyone.

Was Vespasian a good leader?

yes he was a very good leader

Was Claudius a good or bad leader?

Claudius was a good leader.

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He was a good leader.

Was diocletin considered a good or poor leader?

a good leader

Was the pharaoh a good leader?

They were good and bad leader. can you please explain what do you mean by good.

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By going to college. . Did he become a good leader..

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Jesus was God and was an inherently good leader.

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He is a good leader because he is Kobe Bryant.

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How Was Hitler A Good Leader?

ok Hitler was a good leader he wasent the most liked leader bt he was good. he lead his contry into many won battels.

How was martin Luther king a good leader?

He was a good leader because he had a lot of courage

Why was Genghis Khan a good leader?

Genghis Khan was a good leader because he was fearless.

What qualities define you as a leader?

define a good leader

Why was Henry VIII a good leader?

he was a bad leader

What is the different between leader and leadreship?

Leadership is the qualities of what a leader is, and a leader is someone who has leadership. For example, if I said you have good leadership, I would be saying you have good qualities of a leader.

List the characteristics of a good leader in badminton?

One of the characteristics of a good leader in badminton should have is patience. A good leader should also have an excellent understanding of the game, and good communication skills.

Why does eurylochus prove to be a more persuasive leader in this episode than odysseus?

because he does not kmow how to swim

Who was the leader for settling providence?

Its Roger Williams I promise you! I got a social studies book to prove it.

How can you prove you didn't know it was stolen and the other person was the one that stole it?

You'll have to have a good explanation - a good alibi - and a good defense attorney. Remember though - under the US system of justice you don't have to prove that you are innocent - the state has to prove that you are guilty.

Why would Brett Favre make a good leader?

Yes he would me a good leader of a team.

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