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Mastercylinder or wheel cylinder or caliper piston?

If it's a mastercylinder, toss it and get a new one.

Wheel cylinder, squeeze the brake shoes together, if it won't move, toss it.

Caliper piston, use a c-clamp and compress it. Now keep in mind. If it is a rear wheel caliper and it has any slots, like a regular screwdriver groove, or a plus pattern. These cannot be pushed but are rotated either clockwise or counterclockwise. If it's a long slot use a flat bar or huge screwdriver, if it is 4 little cuts in the outer edge, use a pair of needle nose plyers and span the difference. Than use the tools to try turning the piston. It should move fairly easy, if not, toss it and replace. (Rotation of the piston is how the emergency brakes set)

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Q: How can you push a brake cylinder that won't budge?
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The E brake is on?

How do you push the rear caliper piston back after changing the brake pads on a vauxhall vectra with automatic handbrake adjuster.i have tried pushing it back but it wont budge.?

Try turning it with long nose pliers

What happens if you press the brakes when a drum is off?

it wont stop. You will very likely push the seals out of the brake cylinder and have to repair or replace it and bleed the brakes

Brake pedal wont come back up?

Worn master cylinder.

Why wont your brake light come on when you push the pedal I've changed the bulbs and fuses but the main lights still wont come on only the one above the back doors comes on why is that?

my guess is that it is the brake relay

The brake is sticking down and wont return and the master cylinder brake booster wheel cylinders shoes and pads have all been replaced and the lines bleed rightly with no leaks Any ideas?

Defective Master cylinder?

Rear disk removal on a Toyota selica 1998?

hi people i have a Toyota selica 98 mod ... i need to remove my bk brake disk it wont budge iv loosened the hand brake and removed calloper ???any ideas thanks odbod

1995 f150 wont shift out of park?

My Mom had the same problem with her truck.. It is due to a recalled part that is on the brake master cylinder

Why is it difficult to alter the shape of a solid?

because it dose not move therefore it wont budge.

How do you remove the left brake rotor on a 1979 Dodge Power Wagon after the nut is off but it wont budge?

The bearings are probably just stuck on the spindle, you might need a puller to help, hammering wont get it and will damage other things, it needs to be pulled off nice and slow.

Why wont the warning brake light go off?

Four Possible reasons... Low brake fluid - check the brake fluid level in the master cylinder Emergency brake is on - check emergency brake Low brake fluid pressure - such as a broken brake line or a bad wheel cylinder. Check the master cylinder to see if it is empty. If you add fluid and pump the pedal you will probably see brake fluid on the ground or on the inside of the tires. Possibly a bad master cylinder. - The fluid will stay full but you will have no or little brake pressure. Could be air in the system as well. BE CAREFUL If you happen to add power steering fluid or transmission fluid to the master cylinder instead of brake fluid you will destroy the system. Make sure you use ONLY brake fluid and clean the master cylinder cap off with a clean rag first so no dirt gets into the braking system.

When i turn the headlights on all the lights are on but when i push the brakes the rear lights wont bright up.?

Sounds like the brake light switch is defective.Sounds like the brake light switch is defective.

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