How can you put yourself in the mode to get the fat off?


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Well what I do when I'm exercising is just wear a sportsbra and shorts. in front of a mirror. And I stare at the area that I wanna loose weight in... and as I'm moving that area, i see the fat moving around and that just motivates me to.. BURN IT OFF

Eat only food that is good for you--not overly processed foods that are high in fat or which have high fructose sugars. Watch your portion size, but do eat all kinds of foods (meat, carbs, fruits, etc.) Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

You just excercise. Even on days you don't want to. You just get up and do it. No matter what. And never have junk food in your house. Don't go down the junk food isle in the stores. If you are craving junk food, buy one small serving. Eat it and then be done. Do not buy a bag of candies or a whole cake. But one candy bar or one piece of cake. It will be hard at first and then as you start to loose the weight and feel better, you will want to do more and more. Good luck! I'm sure you will do great. Also, you should choose excersises that you consider fun. Walking, instead of running if you want. Or biking. Or swimming, that is a really good one. Even just jumping rope for few minutes a few times a day will do wonders.

Basic theory: Burn more calories than you consume. How you work that is up to you. You can decrease portion sizes of food, reduce high calorie foods, substitute lower calorie products and ingredients in your diet (a 12 oz soda usually has over 150 calories!). Exercise and activity burn calories.

Another thing you might want to try is to eliminate one thing from your diet at a time, or at least drastically reduce your intake. For example, soda has alot of calories, and most people drink alot of it...If you try drinking nothing but water, and eliminate soda, juices high in sugar, beer, etc., you may be cutting large amounts of calories from your diet by drinking nothing but water.

I LOVE butter, and put butter on everything. I also drank nothing but soda, juice, and beer. By drinking nothing but water, and reducing my use of butter by 80%, i find it easier to control my weight. .

Put a picture of yourself in a bathing suit on your fridge and cupboards!

You have to always be positive. Know that you can loose weight. I'm a national triathlete, and I consentrate on everything I do. Believe in yourself. Start with only 10-20 minutes of waking. Then build up 5 minutes everyday that you excercise. Go from walking to running. Cycling works on the thighs. Walking up stairs is a very good cartiovascular workout. Swimming is also good and it relieves pain from the muscels and mind. If you can get to a 5k walk/run race, I prefer you to do that. You would make many friends and contribute to the neighborhood. Remember- HAVE FUN! and don't hurt yourself!!!

Teach your body to burn fat instead of proteins and carbs! So instead of just dieting you diet AND you eat at least a bit of fat in every meal. Drink a wheyshake an hour before heavy exercising will help your body to keep muscle and burn fats (instead of burning muscle and keeping the fat). Eat a bit of dextrose after workout to continue keep your muscles so they will help you burn more calories in general.


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Any activity, aerobic exercise or not, will help lose fat as long as the diet allows for fat loss. Diet is the key to fat loss, not exercise, because you can burn fat in your sleep or you can run all day and never burn any fat depending on how many calories you consume. Therefore, if you're diet has you in a fat burning mode, all of your activity including complete rest will burn fat. Whether or not the fat burned comes from the "love handles" will depend on your body (genetics). You have no control over where it chooses to burn the fat. So, the way to rid yourself of "love handles" is to put yourself in a fat burning mode with calorie control and then wait for the fat to leave the desired location. Spot reduction is a myth. Where we store fat and where it leave when we diet depends on genetics.

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