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How can you read your child's instant messages?


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May 21, 2008 8:09PM

== == == == That's The Most evil thing I've ever heard! There's a thing call privacy and even your kid should have it! First off until a child is no longer a minor then a parent has the right to protect their children from time to time to be sure they are not getting over their heads on IM, MySpace or any other group of people chatting on the Internet. There should be more parents checking on their children's chats and I am proud of this mother or father for taking the time to care enough and here is why: * Predators of all types going after children. There are police task forces in Canada posing as young people to catch these Predators. * Underage children are not aware at times that they may get into a dangerous situation on instant messaging or other forms of communication on the Internet. * Cyberbullying has been linked to instant messaging, FaceBook, MySpace, etc. == == Here are some weblinks to go too that are great for learning the language of your child's messages as well as how to monitor what sites they are going onto and who they are talking too: No one likes to invade the privacy of their children, but the Internet (although a virtual library of great information) can also be a child's or parents worst nightmare. A parent who loves their children should check at least twice a week to see what their children are talking about and because most children are not wise enough to realize there are predators out there (much older than they are with web cams) then a parent would fail their child if they didn't check up on where their child is going on the website. The special police task forces can't do all!