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How can you record from a dvr to a DVD?


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You need a DVD recorder, or computer with recordable DVD drive and capture device.

Use the AV outputs on the DVR and connect to the AV inputs on the DVD recorder. Play the program on the DVR and hit record on the DVD recorder, with a DVD-R or RW in the drive.

Record in real time.

The recorded disc will have to be 'finalised' before it can be played on any DVD player.

See the instructions for the DVD recorder to find out how to 'finalise'.

It may be better to use a computer and then apply edits to your completed program, before commiting the disc.

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You can connect the output of your DVR in a DVD recorder, such as the Samsung DVD-VR375. This will record your DVR programs directly to DVD.

If your DVR has a built in DVD player, yes.

Run component cables (red,whit and yellow) from the DVR "video out" (yellow) to the "video in" of the DVD recorder. That will send the picture to the DVD recorder. If your DVR or DVD recorder does not have the yellow video out or in as described, use the "S video" out of the DVR to the "S video" in of the DVD recorder. The red and white jacks are for sound....out of the DVR to the audio in of the DVD recorder.

The Toshiba SD H400 - DVD player / DVR is a good one.

There are several DVD recorders that come with DVR capability

You cannot download a file inside the DVR unit onto a DVD disk the same way you can download a music file from the iTune store. But you can record output from the DVR to a DVD disk using either a stand-alone DVD disk recorder or computer's DVD writer. Connect an analog output on the DVR (such as S-video, component, or composite for video and RCA / red and white audio) to the input sockets of your stand-alone DVD recorder. Or buy a USB or PCI 'video capture' device for your computer so that you can connect DVR's analog output to the video capture device on your computer. While a TV show is played on the DVR, the stand-alone DVD recorder or computer will record it.

If you have an external DVD component recorder and a Comcast DVR, just plug the output from the DVR into the input of the recorder. Then you can record your "My Recordings". Start the DVD recorder, then start the saved event. But you will have to leave it unattended, start it when you are not going to watch for the length of the saved event. If you want to record live, it should work the same, but I have not tried it. Just remember that the DVD recorder will record whatever is playing on the screen, so if you change channels or watch a different recording it will record whatever is playing.

Yes, you can do this. You hook up your DVD recorder up directly to the DVR.

Connect the DVR to a DVD-R recorder, via the AV/SCART sockets. Monitor what is going on by connecting the TV to the DVD-R recorder. Playback the show on the DVR and press 'record' on the DVD recorder. The recording is made in real time and is therefore slow, but it works. You can substitute the DVD recorder with a computer, suitably equipped with a Recordable DVD drive and video capture card or dongle.

How do I record a series on my Charter Motorola DVR

You also can record on DVD rw disks and them transfer from the stand alone too computer too take out comercials.I don't know if you can take out comercials on a DVR's.The biggest difference between a DVD with recording capability and a DVR is:A DVR uses a Hard Disk Recorder (HDR) to digitally record movies and television shows from your TV to a hard disk (like the one in your home computer). DVRs record in real-time, which allow you to pause or rewind at any point in the program.A DVD recorder records to discs and not a hard drive like DVR. A disc has limited storage capacity compared to a DVR. It doesn�t have a hard drive or �real-time� recording capability.There are some DVRs that have built in DVD recorders. Some allow you to burn DVDs while you watch and record television shows and movies on your DVR or simply burn saved shows to your DVD to free up space on your DVR. Check with your local electronics store to see which brand would best suit your needs.

Transfer Recorded Show From DVR to DVD, Most likely not, until you connect the output of the DVR to the input of the DVD. Then with copy protections, you may still not get a recording. Depends on the movie or program you recorded, and whether or not copy prevention signals have been inserted in the original program, or are being placed there by the program provider.

Yes. Just conect the VCR outputs (usually red and white for audio, yellow for video) to the DVR inputs. Set the DVR to record from that input, and press Play on the VCR.

No. The cameras only send an image to the DVR, they don't record on their own.

No, you need a signal to record on your DVR and the PS3 plugs into the TV or HDTV and not the Cable DVR. If your cable DVR is like mine it only has outputs for the signal and no inputs except the cable.

Yes the EverFocus ECOR4 4-CH DVR w/DVD BURNER will also play your DVd videos.

Any DVD/VCR combo with a composite out will work great with your TWC DVR.

This depends on the particular model. Some DVRs have DVD players built in, and some do not. By itself, a standalone DVR (Digital Video Recorder) without a DVD drive built in cannot play a DVD.

Yes and no. You can record one show on the DVR and watch a different one on your TV, but you can only do what you ask if you have a DVR with dual tuners.

NO Not unless you have a recorder. The laser in a recorder burns the data onto the surface of the DVD. If you wish to transfer a video file from your Digital Video Recorder to a Disc, you must have a burner to do so. You may, however be able to transfer the data from your DVR to your computer using a cable. But not knowing your model, I cannot advise for sure.

No, but if you have Dish you may qualify for a upgrade for a Dish DVR.

You could do that with a DVR,VCR or a capture card on your computer.If you have a DVD recorder you could use that.

You just might have a selector switch which determines which output the DVR/DVD player has. It could be on the remote control or possibly, a button on the unit.

Here is how you can move DVR Files to DVD: Start by inserting the correct type of recordable DVD into the DVD recorder. It should say on the recorder and in the manual whether you need DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW. Next you need to choose the recording speed for the DVD, either SP, LP, or EP; LP and EP will help in allowing more recording time on the disc, but the quality will not be as good as you would expect. Now, play the DVR recording, and press Record on the DVD recorder. You should be able to press Record on either the box itself of the remote control. You can pause the recorder if one show ends and then you want to record another on the same disc. But see that you do not press Stop until you are finished. Finally just check in the DVD after recording so it becomes a DVD video which can be played in other machines also. The user manual should say how to finalise discs on your machine. Hope it helps.

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