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figure out how the water is getting inside the wall, as it is coming in from outside and should not be allowed to continue as it will cause a lot more issues than a wet floor if not fixed.

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How can I remove Google startskins from my computer?

Set a different Homepage in your browser. So just instead of a redirect.

What would happen to the universe is all galaxies began to show a blue-shift?

That would be a sign that the Universe is contracting, instead of expanding as it currently is.That would be a sign that the Universe is contracting, instead of expanding as it currently is.That would be a sign that the Universe is contracting, instead of expanding as it currently is.That would be a sign that the Universe is contracting, instead of expanding as it currently is.

Which Linux symbols instructs the shell to redirect the shell to redirect the output of a command to the specified file instead of the screen?

your-command > file (overwrites file if it already exists) your-command >> file (appends new additions to the end of the file if the file already exists)

Why do cranes use electromagnets instead of permanent magnets?

Electromagnets are stronger and weigh far less than permanent magnets.

Are permanent magnets are used in doorbells?

no it is not . a temporary magnet is used instead. If you use a permanent magnet, the doorbell will keep on ringing

What is used instead of field coils in an electric motor?

permanent magnets

Which symbol instructs the shell to redirect the output of a command to a file instead of the screen?

It depends on the shell interpreter you are using, but in general the I/O redirection operators are >, >>, |.

What does permanent mean?

permanent - lasting (by contrast with temporary) It means "all the time". If something happens all the time, it is said to be permanent. We use "forever" or "for a long time" instead of "permanent" in our life, permanent could be a official word in many situation like "permanent visa".means sex also

Is manutd going to sign carlos tevez on permanent contract?

No, they could not agree a permanent deal so he went to Manchester City instead.

How do you make a permanent marker pen?

You don't . Instead you go to the store and buy one .

Will there be an Iron Man 3 someday?

It is currently set for release on May 3, 2013. It will be directed by Shane Black instead of Jon Favrea. The plot is unknown at this time- but Robert Downey, Jr. will be back as Tony Stark and Don Cheadle will be back as Jim Rhodes.

Why was the movie 'Hulk' directed by Ang Lee followed by a reboot instead of a sequel?

It was not considered a success.

Why does a crane use an electromagnet instead of a permanent magnet?

So that the load can be dropped by turning off the current.

What is sn 112 w snt mail live default?

This is the only way for your browser to redirect you to your already logged-in account instead of making you log in again, which would mess up the system

How can you get a puppy to teeth on toys instead of you?

Make a sharp noise or yelp when it tries to chew you to correct the puppy and tell it that it hurt you and redirect their attention onto a toy by playing with it or just giving the puppy it.

What makes fabric paint permanent?

Permanent paints are not soluble in water, which means they won't wash out. Many permanent paints are sensitive to heat, and will "set" into the fibers of the fabric with an iron, or a hot wash. Some paints which are designed to be permanent are acrylic, and will actually crack and break off the fabric instead of adhering permanently.

What other words can be used instead of now?

immediatelycurrentlyat this timepresentlypronto

What is PMDC motors?

PMDC-Permanent Magnet DC motor is a DC machine where the Permanent Magnets form the stator of the machine instead of conventional Field winding. It works on the same principle of electromagnetic induction.

What is pre -agricultural times?

Before farming was invented, people were nomadic and had no permanent homes. They found food by hunting and gathering. The people had no permanent homes, but instead they just followed the herds that they hunted.

Which continent has no civilization?

Antarctica has no civilisation. It does not have any permanent inhabitants, and instead research scientists rotate around but do not permanently live there.

How many provinecs in Japan?

Currently Japan doesn't use provinces. Instead, it has 47 prefectures.

Are there other instances where someone has only three permanent bottom front teeth instead of the usual four that is occurring naturally?

Yes, I do.

How do they get planes to land on ice?

They have skids instead of wheels.Answer:The braking action is provided by the thrust diverters on jet engines or the change in orientation of the propellors on other planes. These mods redirect the thrust so it blows forward, stopping the aircraft

Is the croup a permanent illness?

The croup is not a permanent illness. Sometimes, however, children may get repeated episodes of the croup before they come down with a cold. Children do outgrow the croup, although sometimes they grow into having asthma instead.

Why are electromagnets used instead of a permanent one?

sometimes in magnetic sepration etc electromagnets are more useful than permanent one as first magnet is used to seprate metallic waste and then its turned off so that attracted waste falls off at desired place so here permanent magnets are not that use full as electromagnet as in permanent magnet waste would get attracted but it would not fall. so electromagnet is more useful than permanent one.

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