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Most sound card vendors have drivers available for download on their websites. If the site for your cards' vendor doesn't have a "Downloads" link on their webpage, check the "Support" link.

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Q: How can you reinstall a PCI Multimedia sound driver on Windows ME without the disk?
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Why my Windows blank?

Windows may be blank on a computer after rebooting because of a faulty video driver. To troubleshoot, reinstall the video driver.

Where to get a driver for a new compaq multimedia keyboard ku-9963?

For the Windows XP keyboard driver, download HP Multimedia Keyboard/Mouse Driver Update - sp26752 . try it. it work with windwos xp

Where i can download Motherboard driver for hcl notebook y20 amd turiontl 50?

Reinstall drivers after format and reinstall windows xp

When you install windows vsita then sound of Windows xp disappearwhy?

Windows Vista has a different sound than Windows XP. If you don't hear any sound at all, you may need to reinstall your audio driver.

What do you do when you can't find Windows XP driver software discs how do you repair your windows?

You can google the exact driver you need. You can ask a friend. You can reinstall windows or you can attempt to do a "Repair" option on windows. You can find what driver you are needing in your device manager and select the option of updating or rolling back the driver. You can also restore your computer to an earlier time, or even set it back to the last known good configuration. An additional thought would be to utilize a utility software such as driver genius or driver detective.

Mb 661fx v2.0 audio driver?

In Device manager right-click on unkown device.Select update driver.Using XP's feature "Can windows connect to windows update to search for software" just this time, immediately found the multimedia driver and installed the drivers.Appears it's a SIS 7012 audio driver

How do you reinstall the wireless driver on acer aspire one d260-2344 without Ethernet?

If you got the Driver's CD that came with your computer you can install with that.If you didn't get any CD then you cannot reinstall it without Ethernet.

How do you get sound to my fujitsu siemens after reinstall windows?

Install the soundcard driver. It can typically be found by going to Fujitsu Siemens website and doing a search for your computername :)

What is a multimedia keyboard driver?

A Robot Hooker...

How do you determine mouse driver corruption?

That's pretty unlikely to happen; it's likely your mouse is broken. If your mouse driver were corrupted, you probably have other serious issues and would need to reinstall windows...

How do you fix in windows 7 install printer driver Photosmart D5360?

Use the CD following the printer or download the driver from HP's site. The driver is a "backround program" needed for most devices to run on Windows. If you allready installed this try removing the printer and reinstall. If it still does not work read up on "Print Spooler Service".

Is there a Macintosh Driver for the Diamond Multimedia VC500?

The Diamond range is a Windows only item.. Similar products supported on the Mac are available from the likes of Pinnacle and Elgato (See links below).

Where can you get razer copperhead driver for windows 8.1?

You can get a Razer Copperhead Driver for Windows 8.1 on the Driver Scape website.

If you uninstall a corrupted graphics driver in Vista will it reinstall when you reboot?


How do you install Windows 7 without a driver software?

Windows 7 can be installed without any driver-software. It includes native drivers for the operating system to work. After the installation Windows Update will find the needed updates for many of the drivers. If you are missing any after the install and update you can go to the manufatureers website and download the ones missing or old.

How do you reinstall multimedia audio driver for a window xp gateway laptop?

if you have a disk then insert the disk and allow to autorun then follow the directions. if it doesnt autorun then open My Computer or Windows Explorer, right click on CD/DVD drive and select 'Autorun' then follow directions if you have a driver you have downloaded from the internet (best if you got them from the manufaturers website they always have them if you know where to look, if you have older hardware then you want to look for 'legacy' drivers) then open 'My Computer' or 'Windows Explorer' then find the driver(it may ned to be unpacked with Winzip or similar program but not normally the case) and run the update program, you may need to restart you computer and/or recheck/readjust your settings afterwards

How do you reinstall a computer driver?

Just UninstallAnd Restart Your Computer And It Will Install By Itself.

Will drivers for Windows Vista work on Windows XP?

Drivers written for Windows Vista are not backwards-compatible with Windows XP. Most hardware that has a driver for Vista should also have a driver for Windows XP.

How do you restore driver vmm32 in a windows me after it has been deleted?

The easy way: Reinstall windows ME The hard way: read the link below for details of what vmm32 is & how to go about fixing it... When it talks about win98, just substitute windows ME, they're very similar as far as this particular issue goes. Personally i'd recommend the easy way.

What are driver updates?

Drivers are updated in Windows by using a driver update wizard from within Device Manager. The driver update wizard walks you through the entire driver update process, making updating drivers a fairly painless task. Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP all have slightly different processes for completing driver updates:

What are the newest video card drivers available?

There are many video card drivers available today. You can choose from the diamond multimedia driver, lifeview driver, Biostar driver, Asus driver and many more.

Why doesn't my laptop recognize my logitech webcam?

you should reinstall your driver . and check the settings.

Will a Windows 98 printer driver work with Windows ME?

Yes. Both Windows 98 and Windows ME support the two primary driver models in place during that time period: VxD and WDM. Windows 2000 used WDM and an older driver model from the previous NT versions. Windows 95 only supported VxDs.

Where can you download a Windows XP driver for a Creative SoundBlaster AudioPCI 64 EV1938?

Windows ME, 2000, and XP have a driver for this card built-in.

When can you download G41 Chipset VGA driver for Windows 8.1?

The G41 Chipset VGA driver for windows 8.1 is already available.