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How can you relax and stay calm from having panic attacks because you have heart problems and whenever you start to think about it you start panicking?

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2009-09-10 13:21:31

I have panic attacks too. I am still trying to get them under

control. When I feel myself getting ready to have one, I have to

tell myself that there is no reason to panic and sometimes I think

about god and try to pray and sometimes that helps. I am currently

on Lexapro for it and the medication works. I am also going to try

and see a therapist. Try telling yourself that the panic attack is

just a feeling that will not last forever. Your mind is your worst

enemy. I know in my case it is. I can also think about a panic

attack and throw myself into one, but then I have to remember that

I did it to myself and everything is going to be ok. Have you

talked to your Dr. about it? I hope you seek help with this. I

would rather be in labor than have a panic attack. I know it will

be hard but try not to think about the fact you have health

problems. I should take my own advice sometimes because I worry

about everything. I hope this helped you. Ler me know if it did.

Also realize that anxiety and panic are emotional responses to

things that scare us or threaten us in some way. I've found that

switching to logical thinking will quickly put panic in its place.

If you are worried about your heart condition, this is

understandable. Who wouldn't be? You certainly will benefit from

talking to your doctor to educate yourself on your limitations to

prevent you from having a heart attack. Once you start looking at

solutions instead of the anxiety or panic, the more quickly they

will stop.

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