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How can you remove a bluish stain from the inside of an older Revere Ware stainless pot?


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January 14, 2008 10:52PM

Some kind of abrasive will be needed to get out that mark left from overheating. A "green scrubbie" and scouring powder or steel wool and scouring power, plus some persistence with either method will yield good results. You'll get a workout, though. Protect your hands and have a cold drink handy. Hint: the "newer" the scrubbie or the steel wool (not too course or too fine), the better the result. Keep changing the exposed surface used to "cut" the mark on the pot. That'll keep "fresh" abrasive material working for you. And don't use soap. You don't want lubrication. Use water and scouring powder to make an abrasive slurry. Your pot won't mind one bit. Consider eye protection and work safely. Good luck.