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If you put a whole jar of Tang in a rusty dishwasher and run a full cycle the dishwasher comes out bright as new! Perhaps make a paste of Tang and water and scrub-brush it onto the rust stains.

Rust Stains are easy to STOP before they START. Homeowners, all over the Country, who pump their sprinkler water from a lake, pond or canal are faced with the chance of getting rust stains on their house, driveway, patio and plants. Iron particles in the water are heavy so they tend to settle closer to the bottom. If your water intake is close to the bottom of the lake, pond or canal, then you are sucking in a higher concentration of iron and you can expect to see rust on your house. The simple solution is to float your water intake closer to the surface. This is why you will see duck and geese decoys floating behind many houses in South Florida.

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Q: How can you remove rust stains from a painted wall on the outside of a house?
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