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ok, you got a good one on your hands. remove the wheels, spray some oil around where the drum and the hub meet. then you see the 2 little holes on the drum? install 2 12mm metric bolts and tighten them. if there is rust and you have a hard timd tightening the bolts, you must bang the drum with a 2, or 5 pound hammer while turning it round and round. this will break the rust and hopefully loosen the grip from the drum/hub. be careful not to hit the lugs, or you will need to replace them too. so, simply put, tighten the installed 12mm bolts bang tighten bang tighten bang tighten and so on. good luck.

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Q: How can you remove stubborn drums from 1983 Toyota corolla?
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How do you remove stubborn drums?

2x4 and a sledge hammer

How do you remove the drums from a 2001 Toyota Corolla?

i need to know what tool to purchase to get the hub off my 2001 rear brakes please help

How do you remove the brake drums on 1997 Toyota Corolla?

Remove the wneels then the drum retainer that holds the drum on while it is on the assy line. Then pull the drums off. If the shoes have worn into the drums you have to retract the shoes to let the drums come off. If they are sticking on the center, sometimes heat is required to get them loose.

How do you remove the rear brake drums from a 1996 Toyota Camry?

Remove the wheels, pry the drums off.

How do you remove a stubborn Brake drum on a 2002 rodeo?

Make sure your parking break is off when you're removing the break drums or they won't come off.

Toyota hiace brakes drums?

Toyota hiace 19883/83 model had drums at the rear and discs on the front. courtesy of

Does a 1991 Toyota tercel have drums?

Yes, drums on the rear, discs on the front.

How are the brake drums and shoes replaced on a 1995 Camry V6?

Remove the wheels from your 1995 Toyota Camry. Remove the brake pads by removing the brake pad Springs. Tap on the brake drum with a hammer or mallet. Slide the brake drums off. Reverse the process to install the new brake drums and shoes.

What is the cost of replacing rear drums in 93 corolla?

In New Zealand, NZD272 at a dealer

Toyota Echo brakes?

Disc in front, drums in back.

How do you remove the brake drums on a 1999 Toyota Camry?

You have to loose nuts and lift your car up. Then remove a wheel. There are two ways to remove brake drums. First using a hammer. Knocking the drum with a hammer in the direction opposite from the car. And second more efficient is to find two screws which fit threades in removing drum holes (two holes in a drum with a thread in it).

How do you remove brake drums without a tool?

If you are inexperienced, you should not be messing around with the brake drums.

How do you remove the rear brake drums on 1998 Pontiac sunfire?

brake drums should pull off if not rusted on.

Do the Toyota Sienna 2008 have disc or drum brakes?

Discs in the front and drums in the back.

How do you turn brake drums on a 1999 Ranger?

Remove the drums and take them to an auto parts store that has a brake drum lathe.

How do you remove ford brake drums?

experience and a big hammer

Rear brakes shoes on nissin atimia?

to remove drums

How do you remove the rear brake drums on a 1999 Ford F-150?

Remove the wheels then the drums should just slide off. If they are rusted on, WD40 and a hammer should do it. If the shoes have scored the drums, you have to retract the shoes first. If you can't do that you can pry the drums off and ruin the springs and fittings. You have to replace them and know how they go if you do that.

How do you remove the rear brake drums from a Toyota Tercel?

There are two types. If there are two scxrew holes in the face of the drum, run the appropriate sized screw into them and force the drum away from the axel. The newer ones require you to remove the nut and axel bearing, then it comes off easily.

How do you remove rear drums on a 1999 corolla you'v backed off the shoes hit it with hammer can't seem to gt the drums to move at all?

On the face of the drum between the lug bolts there may be two threaded holes. Screw a bolt into each of them and this will force the drum off. It is probably just rusted around the center hole. A little WD40 or similar can help.

What kind of brakes are on the back drums or discsi have a 1992 Toyota Previa le?

my 92 is dics

How do you take off the rear drums on 1988 Chevy Caprice?

Remove the wheel and tap the drums at back with a 'deadblow' hammer, rotating the drum as you do this. The brake shoes tend to hold drums on.

How do you remove brake drums on a 1989 Nissan sentra?

very carefully :)

How do you remove the back brake drums on a 1997 F350 dually?

do you have a video

Can you remove bass pedal on guitar hero world tour drums?