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It's actually pretty easy:

1) Always disconnect the negative batt. terminal before doing electrical work. An 8mm socket should do the trick.

2) Open both the driver and the passenger door, the cover marked "Fuse" on either end of the dash board must be removed. They may be a little difficult to pull off, but pull away from the hood, and towards the door at the same time and they'll eventually come out.

3) Under the steering wheel and in front of the brake pedal you'll see a black "kickplate" or cover with two plastic tabs towards the steering wheel side, push both of those tabs and allow the kickplate to drop down.

4) With the kickplate out of the way you might be seeing screws that were previously hidden, unscrew them. Where you previously removed the fuse covers there should be another small screw that was previously hidden, holding the dashboard in place. Undo them on both the driver's and passenger's side. Finally, in front of the instrument cluster, on the top, there are two more small screws, undo them as well.

5) Under the steering wheel there is a plastic piece with the trunk release button on it, gently pull this piece STRAIGHT out. Once it releases, undo the connection for the trunk release and put the plastic piece aside.

6) Found any more hidden screws after removing that last part??? Undo those as well.

7) Starting on the driver's side, gently pry the dashboard facia straight back from the front of the car. You will have to "massage" the plastic away from the top of the instrument cluster (where the traction control and hazard light switch are). As you work your way towards the passenger side, the bezel around the ignition will pop out, that's okay! Just don't lose that piece. Very carefully disconnect both the hazard and traction quick releases (a small bladed screwdriver works best).

8) With the dashboard facia pulled off you should now see 3 screws holding the factory radio in place. Undo those and gently remove the radio. There are three cords entering the back of the radio, the grey one is the antenna, pull it straight out. The other two are the factory harness, they are VERY tough to get out. Push down on the tab to release the harness plug and pull straight back. You may need a flathead screwdriver to help push the harness plug out of the back of the radio.

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Q: How can you remove the dash to install a new stereo in a Chevy Impala 2003?
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