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How can you remove the drivers side inside door panel from a 1996 Toyota Tercel 2 door because something fell inside the panel?

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November 27, 2008 12:03AM

How do you remove 96 Toyota Tercel door panel If

you are still trying to find out how to remove inside door panel

for '96 Toyota Tercel, I just went through the very same process on

a '99 Toyota Tercel. 1. Remove window crank (it has a kind of 'bent

wire' c-clamp, which holds it onto the window crank shaft).

2. Pry upwards the top plastic cover to the arm rest (this is a

plastic coated foam rubber piece, on which you rest your arm).

3. Remover the two now visible screws which fasten the arm rest

onto the door.

4. Remove the one screw fastening the inside door handle.

5. With a blunt tool, gently hit the inside door handle in a

forward direction (towards the door hinge). This will release the

door handle from the door.

6. Pry between the door panel and the door, to unsnap the snaps

holding the door panel in place.

7. Finally, lift door panel out and up to remove it from


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