How can you remove the turown.I virus that was found by the AVG free virus scan?

hi! well, if you have a problem with a virus, you can always look in other threads to see if their suggestions for other virii will work for you. I'm not so familiar with this particular virus, but here's a pseudo-generic answer.

you've run avg free. great! you have one anti-virus program. okay, right-click on internet explorer. delete your cookies, temporary internet files (including offline), and history. empty your recycle bin and (if you have norton), your norton protected files.

run avg again. after it runs, don't hit "heal". hit "delete." this virus most likely made its own files or mimicked your computer's real files, not rewrote them. (unless you search on Google and find out otherwise.) it should send these files to the virus vault when you delete them. get rid of everything in your virus vault. restart your computer and do it again, in case the virus got into your restore file or anything else. (also, sometimes it can't get rid of everything while your computer's already booted up, so doing that before anything else can help it find more sometimes. ^^) if it finds anything else, delete it, empty the vault again, and restart your computer.

then, go to and get Spybot Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware SE Personal. (both are free anti-spyware/adware/malware programs, and highly rated.) run them one at a time. DO NOT use them to make a restore file until AFTER you've run AVG, Spybot, and Ad-Aware. you want to get rid of all the bad stuff you can beforehand. (because you don't want to have to reinstall all your computer to find that you've accidentally reinstalled virii or malware, you know?) when everything's better, update and run all three programs at least once a week. run window's Disk Defragmentor ( start -> programs -> accessories -> system tools) at least twice a month.

good luck!

<3, minue. ( , if you have any questions.)