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1. Super Glue 2. Depoxy Steel Glue 3. Finest waterproof sand paper 4. Vinyl paint matching your Dashboard 5. Painter's tape (Paper tape) 6. Vinyl piece or a plastic piece with a texture on it, similar to your dash. 7. A few clean rags 8. A fine tipped paint brush 9. A small flexible and flat piece of steel or plastic which you can use to apply the depoxy First clean the surface with a damp rag, leave car in sun to get it dry nicely. For Hairline cracks: Just tape around crack and take super glue and apply as little as possible so that the drops sink into the crack. After applying a few drops press around the crack to move it so the glue sinks in. Wait 10 - 15 mins ...... Nore you wait the better the results!! Go and have coffee or talk to a relative! Come back and see if the glue has sunk deeper than the dash surface or not. If yes apply a few drops more to make it level or a micomilimeter above. Again ... go and do something! Come back feel with your finger and get a clue as how much extra glue you want to sand off. Take the fine snad paper and fold a piece and using the corner of it start to scrape off the extra bit if the crack still shows, take the paint brush and apply little vinyl paint over the crack. If you have a spray can, spray on a clean surface and use a brush to pick and apply paint. Dont spray directly. Let it dry ..... and then take the tape of and there you have it :) .... If you feel the repaired crack is shinier than the dash around it, take the sandpaper and with the corner again just pass over the area gently, only to make it dull. For Gaping cracks: Tape around, mix depoxy steel glue and fill the gaping crack with it using the flexible plastic or metal piece, take off any extra glue immediately. Press around the crack to make it sink. Now the hard part :( .... You have to leave it like that for a day! Next day take sand paper and sand off any extra depoxy. Take any piece of plastic and apply a drop of super glue and spread it and note how many seconds does it take for the super glue to become thick and gooey (is that how you spell it?) Now take the super glue and apply a thin coat over the filled crack and after the calculated amount of time / seconds have passed put the piece of vinyl with texture on it, press firmly for a couple of seconds and take off immediately. This will give the repair some texture. Paint over the repaird crack and sand gently if too shiny. This is how I repaired mine and not just I but all my family and friends could not believe that it was the same old dashboard :)

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Q: How can you repair a bad crack in the dashboard?
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