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make sure that the latching mechanism is open and not closed.. that's the part that is shaped like a c where the door meets the striker(the nob that sticks out from the car) if its closed it would be like running into a closed door.. when open it should close around it correctly..if not you may need to replace the nob. Not expensive either.

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Q: How can you repair a car door that does not close or lock if it is aligned properly?
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How can you repair a car door that does not close or lock if it is not aligned properly?

you firstly align the car door with the rest of the car, the best way to check if it is aligned is to measure it with the roof. You then screw the screws of the hinge back on this should work

Why does your 98 Honda civic leak in the front passenger side when it rain?

Defective windshield seal? Door not aligned properly? Defective door seal?

Storm Door Repair?

form_title=Storm Door Repair form_header=11483 Please describe what needs to be repaired/serviced*= [] Needs removing/installing [] Needs new glass [] Needs new screen [] Needs new kick plate [] Needs new hardware [] Needs new weather stripping [] Doesn't open/close properly [] Doesn't lock properly [] Other

How do you repair a broken door hinge on a 1991 Cherokee Briarwood where it should be welded onto the frame?

To repair a broken door hinge on a 1991 Cherokee Briarwood, a new piece of metal should be welded in to hold the hinge. Then, a new hinge should also be welded in that is aligned with the door pin.

What is another ways to say vandals began to stick gum on the door sensors of the trains causing the doors to not close properly?

"Vandals began to stick gum on door sensors of trains which would cause the doors to not close properly."

Why is one of your garage door sensors yellow and the other green?

The green light is the receiving end and the yellow light is the transmitter, when they are both aligned properly.

How do you repair a binding door hinge on 1996 Camry Passenger door binds difficult to close Penetrating lubricant hasn't helped?

with metal

How do you adjust drivers door to close properly on a 1998 gmc sierra extended cab?

If the door is sagging then you could look at the door pins and bushings. If the bushing is cracked then it will sag and therefore not close properly. If that is the case then the pins and bushings should cost under $10 and take about a half hour to do. Hope this helps.

How do you repair a faulty door mechanism that will not open?

Remove it and find out why it doesn't operate properly and correct the problem or replace the whole thang.

1997 Lincoln Continental Front Door Repair Diagram?

What are you trying to repair on the door?

How do you repair a door that will not latch shut?

buy a new oneANS 2 - You can always adjust the strike plate OR the latch so they meet properly.

How do you adjust the gap between the fender and door on a 97 civic?

The fender and door should be properly spaced if the finder is aligned correctly. To make sure look at all the bolt holes for the fender, if it is incorrectly installed the fender will not align perfectly.

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