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How can you repair a car door that does not close or lock if it is aligned properly?


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2011-09-13 05:18:19
2011-09-13 05:18:19

make sure that the latching mechanism is open and not closed.. that's the part that is shaped like a c where the door meets the striker(the nob that sticks out from the car) if its closed it would be like running into a closed door.. when open it should close around it correctly..if not you may need to replace the nob. Not expensive either.


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you firstly align the car door with the rest of the car, the best way to check if it is aligned is to measure it with the roof. You then screw the screws of the hinge back on this should work

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To repair a broken door hinge on a 1991 Cherokee Briarwood, a new piece of metal should be welded in to hold the hinge. Then, a new hinge should also be welded in that is aligned with the door pin.

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"Vandals began to stick gum on door sensors of trains which would cause the doors to not close properly."

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