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What I did, without any need for translation, is simply placed a 2x4 on the inside and out, then secured the two planks together with a cordless drill. As i gently straightened one area, I would loosen the boards and move along to the next area, then repeat. I ran screws through the side of the pool as I did this, leaving holes, so this is up to you-some people may not recommend this (especailly salesmen) If you do- make sure you stand on the inside when you tighten the screws-as this will put the sharp side of the hole on the outside(not poking your liner. I would then apply a little paint or silicone to the hole to prevent future rusting. Just a cheaper alternative to buying a whole new side. I did this and now my pool is is holding 16,000 gallons very well. It probably wont look perfect, but it wont bother you while youre in it swimming!

here's what I didNone of my dents were very severe, but I did have one that was about 3 feet long and had caused a crease. My pool was empty, so standing inside the pool area and holding on to the top of the wall I used impact from my knee to gradually straighten the wall. I moved from one end of the crease to the other, then back until the crease had all but disappeared. For those dents that were too low to use my knee I used the ball of my foot. Of course I was wearing T-shoes. I was not able to make the wall perfect, but it was much better than when I had started and it was also standing upright with no tendency of falling inward. After the new liner was installed and the pool filled with water the dents were difficult to see and in most areas not detectable to the eye. The area where the crease had been showed little evidences of ever being damaged and is completely invisible from the inside of the pool. The wall of the pool has remained steady after 4 years of service.
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Q: How can you repair an approximately 2 ft diameter size dent in the side of a 21' above ground Doughboy pool?
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