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On the fuse panel you should have a circuit breaker for the door locks. Remove it and see if it will let you unlock the doors.

I can't really give you an answer, but I have a similar problem with a 1989 Bonneville and have discovered that there's a second fusebox (besides the one that's easy to get to under the steering wheel) that's on the passenger side under the glove box. I've taken off the 'sound control panel' at the bottom of the door and unbolted this other plastic panel under the glovebox.

The panel could then be pulled down enough to reveal a sticker with the fuses listed.

These cars typically suffer from this. It is not usually caused by the power locks, if you can hear the lock mechanism clicking when you press the button, it is most likely fine. The root of the problem is that GM started to use a vegatable oil based lubricant on the lock mechanism around this time to replace the previously used whale oil based lubricant. Over time, with lack of use, this dries into a sticky residue and does not allow the lock to disengage. Usually only the driver's door will still work, since it gets the most use. If you push in the lock button on the exterior of the door and it feels like there is "nothing" behind it, this is likely your problem. To simply get your doors open try this: Have someone click the power lock open and closed in rapid succesion while you hit (hard) with the side of your fist on the top of the door handle (exterior of car) several times. Make sure they stop clicking the lock with it in the open position, then try the door, this will often free the stuck lock. The only real cure for this is to remove the door panel and lock, then clean and relubricate the lock. Another tip is NEVER push in the exterior door button when the car is locked, it will just about guarentee that the lock will stick.

FYI - May 2010 - I followed the above procedure on my 1989 Bonneville that had two doors stuck locked and the battery would run down when the car was parked. It took my grandson (on the outside banging on the handle) and me about 45 minutes to unlock both passenger side doors. And the battery no longer discharges while parked!

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Q: How can you repair the power door locks on a 1988 Pontiac Bonneville if they are stuck and you can't unlock three doors?
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