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Do not allow fiberglass to be used as a repair for plastic steps, regardless of the type plastic (rovel, weatherpro, loran, centrex) all are ABS plastic and fiberglass cannot form a permanent bond with ABS. Only Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives will bond ABS properly.Yes. I take it this in a inground vinyl pool.. With the pool drained most anyone good with fiberglass repaires can refinish..

Order new steps from your local pool supplier or from the web. Examples:

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Q: How can you replace or repair plastic steps for an in-ground pool?
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How do you repair crack in your plastic steps in your pool?

There are a number of things you could use to repair a crack in the plastic steps in your pool. You could use pool putty for example.

How do you repair a chip in plastic in-ground pool steps?

There are a number of ways you could repair a chip in a plastic in-ground pool. You could fill it with a plastic that hardens when it dries for example.

How can you replace or repair plastic steps for an in ground pool?

Replacing vinyl liner pool steps is costly and unnecessary. These steps are fiberglass and can last 60 or more years, if cared for properly. But you must replace the white coating, swimming pool gel coat, once every 20 years. Even after the 20 years, the steps can still be repaired or refinished by any DIY pool owner. has the products and the help you need to restore worn or torn fiberglass (plastic) steps.

Why do your inground pool steps turn a gold color?

could be mustard algae buy some chemys

Where can you find replacement steps for a ladder for a Spartan brand vinyl liner inground swimming pool?

Some pool companys are not in business. most all inground pools have the same size treads..

What causes a whitish covering on the sides and steps in an inground pool?

Scale, from high calcium hardness in your pool water

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How do you repair leaking swimming pool steps?

AnswerDrain the water out to the point where the steps needing repair are no longer under water. You will need to re-plaster them, let is cure (and dry) then refill the pool. The easiest way to repair a leak in pool steps is with a two part epoxy. This is readily available at your local pool supply store. First identify where the leak is. Than enlarge the hole with a screw driver. Mix only enough epoxy to do the repair and push the mixture into the hole and smooth it out. You do not have to drain the pool to do this. The above assumes that this is a concrete pool or an inground liner pool with fiber glass steps.

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Whats the best way to fix a small crack on pool steps on an inground pool that it should stay sealed?


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