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Had the same problem with 1990 Sovereign 4 L. If you still have the Jag tool kit you will find a long Hexagonal sparkplug remover , with an accessory insert bar.

The jag remover has a plastic insert which grips the top of the plugs, gently but strongly enough to lift the plugs out, after undoing them (anti-clock ). If you haven't this tool, you could find out the recommended plug sizes from Auto Spares Shop, and measure the diameter of the plugs hexagonal . On the XJ6 this was 17mm.

Considerable force was required to initially loosen each plug. If you have no plastic insert in the sparkplug hex spanner, perhaps just go fishing , after undoing , with each cylinder's sparkplug lead.


1. remove the six 7mm screws covering the coils on the center of each cam cover. 2. next using a small screw driver press with you finger on each coil connector and at the same time use the screw driver on the lip of the connector to slide it off carefully. doo this for all 4 coils. 3. lift the wiring harness out of the channel, note where the harness enters at the rear of the cover. 4. remove the 7mm bolts holding the coils. remove the coils in order so you but them back in the same spot. unlike the 1990. the spark plugs are 5/8 size spark plug socket. 5. in auto. "Lefty loosey/tighty righty. turn the plugs counter clockwise. 6. using a extion magnet remove the plugs. DO NOT let anything fall into the holes. check the inside walls of the spark plug tubes for oil, the most common cause of misfire is oil fowling in the tubes, water ingess to the coil cover. 7. replace plugs with factory or tripple platnium plugs only.

8. when reinstall after you connect the coil wiring harness run a bead of silicone around the wiring harness where it enters the cover this prevents water from running down the harness and into the coil cover.

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Q: How can you replace spark plugs on a 2001 Jaguar XK8?
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