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depends on the year of the car.

1996 GL, yes. Over by the headlight switch, you can pop the plate out and move right. take out screws in the dash, most located in the vents. pop the fount of the dash out and then above the gauges you will see the lights, remove by turning the bulbs. have fun getting the dash apart!!

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Q: How can you replace the light bulb in the dash bezel?
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How do you replace the light bulb in your dash that tells the speed?

remove the gage cluster the bulb is on the back of the cluster

How do you replace a light bulb in the dash of a 99 Ford Taurus?

ask a repairman

How do you replace a light bulb in dash of 1972 Monte Carlo?

Reach your hand up under the dash and find the bad bulb and twist it out.

How do you replace the dashboard lights on 1997 F-150?

To replace the dashboard lights on the 1997 F-150, you will first need to remove the dash bezel and dash cover in order to access the lights. Then, remove the instrument panel cover below the bezel and remove the burned out lights. Replace the lights and add the cover, dash cover, and bezel back to the dashboard.

How do you replace the dash lights that illuminate the heater control switches on a 1995 jeep Cherokee Laredo?

take off your dash bezel that stretches from your gages past your radio then remove the heater control box and it will be on the back twist it out and replace your bulb for around $1.00.

How do you take dash apart in 2002 Isuzu axiom to change light bulb?

take out light bulb in a dash

How do you replace the climate control light on 2002 Toyota 4runner?

I went to the dealer, and I have been quoted $90.00 to replace the climate control nob light bulb. How do I get to the dash board to replace it?

How do you fix a burned out check engine light on a 1998 Chevy Tahoe?

You will have to take the dash apart and replace the bulb.

1999 Toyota Tacoma dash light replacement?

my 1997 Toyota Tacoma has the dash/gauge light burnt out - i would like any help to locate bulb and replace i thank you

How do you replace the odometer bulb on a 1999 Buick Regal?

there is no light bulb for the odometer. its a digital display. you have to replace the dash. used usally a 100. or so. had it happen to me. 2000 buick regal gs

How do you change the light bulb for the clock on a 2003 Acura 3.2 TL?

Get the bulb from the dealer, remove 4 screws two at top of bezel above gauges, 2 in between steering wheel and bezel. Gently pry between the bezel and dash with a small flat head screwdriver disconnect harnesses, remove old socket type bulb, insert new one, reassemble. you will need to go to the dealer, the bulbs are impossible to find .

How do you replace check engine light bulb ours has burnt out?

You have to take all the facia off the dash - and then pull the dash cluster out. It is a long hard job for a light bulb. When you take the dash out don't forget to undo the speedometer wire and then the wire plugs on the left and right upper sides of the dash unit.

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