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remove the plastic wood or painted panels below the vents and radio.. they pry up! once you remove them look for the black screws holding the lower dash face .. remove them and place a flat bladed putty knife between the padded part of the dash and the plastic dash face pry out gently..once removed the electronic dash is held in by 4 screws and the shif indicator un clips .. BEFORE you remove the cluster disconnect the battery both terminals.. Neg and positive..lift out dash unit and unclip 2 or 3 connectors on the back.. put cluster face down on a soft cloth and you will see plastic flat printed circuit tapes which lead to the build strips.. slide the bulb strips out carefully and the bulbs twist to unlock reverse this procedure to install and connect the battery terminals last.. positive cable first ..

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Q: How can you replace the lights for the message center and shift indicator on a 1994 Continental without going to a dealer?
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Our car is 1995 Peugeot 306 1.3 It is a 5 minute job, which you can do without any tools: # Open the bonnet. # Find the small metal lever on top of the headlight (closest to the faulty indicator). # Press down (and hold) the lever, while sliding the indicator unit forward and out. # Pull the wiring plug from the indicator unit. # Rotate the wiring plug (on the unit) counterclockwise, to release it. # The bulb fits on the inside of the plug. # Replace the bulb and repeat steps in reverse order.

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