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If you feel that it is your duty or obligation to do this, a call to whoever holds the note for the car will be sufficient. If you do not know who the finance people are, in some states your can find this information from the name and / or plate number. Sometimes you can call the police and get guidance from the non-emergency number. And, if not, it probably is not your business.

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Q: How can you report someone who has their car hidden from the repo man?
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If a car is repossessed and you pay the balance after they sell the car do they remove the Repo in your credit report?

Do they? NOT usually. CAN they?? yes, if you convince them to. reporting a repo is reporting a fact. The repo DID happen. They report the payoff. That is a fact also.

If you have a voluntary car repo while you are in chapter 13 how does it appear on your credit report?

as a repo

If a car is repossessed and the loan is paid in full and you get your car back do you still have a repo on your credit report?

IF the lender posts a repo on your CR, you have one. You will have the repo on your credit report, but it should also show up as "redeemed".

Can you hide your car from the repo man?

He will report it as a stolen vehicle.

How long does a paid off car repo stay on your credit report?

7 years from the date of repo.

If your car is repossessed and you pay to get it back does it stay on your credit as a repo?

It is up to the LENDER to report a repo. Usually they DO report it and it stays on your CR for 7 years.

Can a repo company find your car through your credit report?

Yes. I find you, and there is your car too....

How do you get my car back after repo?

ask someone who knows

Can someone trying to Repo your car Chase you?


Is it a crime to hide a car that's up for repo in Georgia?

That act in itself isn't a crime. However, if you tell a repo agent you don't know where the car is, then the repo agent will report the car stolen on behalf of the finance company (the rightful owner of the car).

If they repo your car after one day late how does it appear on your credit report?

as a repossession

Can a repo man or lienholder report a car as stolen if he can't locate it in Nevada?

Stolen?? NO. Report you for hiding the collateral??? Maybe. Cars havent fell off the face of the earth since CC found out it is ROUND. Someone knows where that car is.

Will someone drive by first to take pictures before they repo a car?

Perhaps, it depends on the repo company's policy.

Where can you get a free car history report?

You can get the free car history report from car analytics. Here you can get all the car hidden details instantly.

Can you have the repo man get a car that is taken by someone who borrowed it and moved if you only have their drivers license and SSN?

IF the loan is in DEFAULT that has the car as collateral AND the LENDER issues a repo order, YES, the repo man can take the car from a 3rd party in possession.

Can a person turn back in a car that they bought a week ago and not be considered a repo?

Considering that the LENDER will be the one to report it as a "repo", wouldn't it be best the discuss it with the LENDER?

Can creditor report car as repo 2yrs after BK discharged if reaffirmation was not entered in court although timely payments made for 2yrs after BK and creditor shows zero balance on credit report?

A creditor can report a car as repo and not correct it unless you call them. If it not their responsibility to make sure your credit report is right, it is yours. If you contact them, they must fix it.

Five years later do you have to pay back the loan on a car repo?

yes this goes on your history report

How badly does voluntary repossession hurt your credit score?

About the same as any repo. The impact is that you couldn't complete the agreement for whatever reason. Same as a repo. A repo is a repo is a repo. That is correct, there is no difference in voluntary and involuntary. Stays on your credit report for 7 years. Don't let it happen to you. It is not that bad fact you can probably get another car just at a higherinterest rate... besides someone has to keep wonk and clay in business.

How do you find out if your car was repossessed?

Most police depertments require repo companies to report their tows, in order to avoid owners from reporting the car as stolen. You local police department should have the plate number on file as a repo.

Who does repo agent report to once car is repo'd?

I would hazard a guess that he contacts the finance company first.

What happens when the repo man takes money out of your car?

That's theft. You need to file a report with your local police.

If you pay your entire balance after your car is repossessed and the car is returned to you why will the lender report negative on your credit report?

Paying the car off was good but having to repo it to get it paid off was BAD or negative. the lender did report that it was PIF,HUH?? So they reported the good and the bad.

What happens to your car if it is repo by a payhere buyhere lot?

It's resold to someone else.

If you've been late 8 weekly payments can the dealership report the car as stolen?

IF you are the REGISTERED OWNWER, NO. You cant steal your own car. They can REPO it.