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How can you report someone who has their car hidden from the repo man?


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2010-07-16 19:08:55
2010-07-16 19:08:55

If you feel that it is your duty or obligation to do this, a call to whoever holds the note for the car will be sufficient. If you do not know who the finance people are, in some states your can find this information from the name and / or plate number. Sometimes you can call the police and get guidance from the non-emergency number. And, if not, it probably is not your business.


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Do they? NOT usually. CAN they?? yes, if you convince them to. reporting a repo is reporting a fact. The repo DID happen. They report the payoff. That is a fact also.

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IF the lender posts a repo on your CR, you have one. You will have the repo on your credit report, but it should also show up as "redeemed".

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He will report it as a stolen vehicle.

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It is up to the LENDER to report a repo. Usually they DO report it and it stays on your CR for 7 years.

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